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  1. Já faz um tempinho que foi anunciado e tal...esse visual ai não desceu comigo desde o XIV e eu nem passei da demo no PS4. Mas que fique aqui registrado a quem interessar. Deviam ter continuado com aquilo que conseguiram no XIII pois estava muito melhor, fora a nostalgia que trazia. Está em desenvolvimento e inda deve melhorar, mas olha a água nas cascatas desse cenário. As arvores antão... É muita má vontade de fazer melhor ou orçamento curto, só pode. E a SNK já foi sinônimo de cenários memoráveis em jogos de luta heim. Samurai Spirits 2 e 3 são um espetáculo até hoje, e os próprios KoF antigos eram muito bons. Ainda vou tentar dar uma chance ao novo Samurai Shodown mais para frente, já com KoF não deve acontecer.
  2. Resolvi criar o tópico pois já tem bastante informação (saiu mais no PS Blog) e tudo sobre o jogo estava jogado lá no tópico do PS5. Trailer de anuncio: Gameplay reveal: Combat Trailer: Balelas com os devs: Informações mais recentes diretamente do PS Blog: Returnal combat details: Upgradable weapons, otherworldly tools, and risky buffs How Housemarque is equipping you to survive its upcoming PS5 action shooter. Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the recent videos we’ve shared about Returnal. With this latest update we wanted to share some more details about the gameplay, which we know you’ve all been looking forward to. With Returnal we’ve aimed to blend a unique mix of game styles. It combines our trademark explosive arcade action, responsive controls and bullet hell gameplay, and this time it’s all presented in third-person. There will be fast and frenetic combat and intense gunplay, and also some rich exploration and traversal as you explore the procedurally generated environments of Atropos. We’ve created Returnal to be a challenging and rewarding experience, with enough variety and depth to keep you always coming back for “one more go”. From lightning to tentacles Selene will have many weapons and devices at her disposal to survive on the hostile alien planet Atropos. Some she’s brought with her – others she’s found and made her own. The above video shows some of the various abilities you’ll find while playing Returnal which we’ll dive into below. The game features a number of base weapons that are augmented as you play. For example, the living Spitmaw Blaster weapon starts as a shotgun archetype you all know and love. As you progress, you’ll unlock and add on various Weapon Traits, each providing a unique gameplay modifier to the base weapon’s behavior. These Weapon Traits are custom tailored for each gun type – so your Spitmaw Blaster might gain exploding shells or generate acid pools upon impact; while the Electropylon Driver might extract extra loot from enemies, or generate shields for the player. These Weapon Traits will also stack, so the combined effects can lead to many surprising results that can have unique advantages and playstyles to explore. Each weapon will also have an alt-fire mode randomly assigned to it from our diverse pool, ranging from the electrical impulses of the Shockstream to the tentacles of the Tendrilpod, and everything in between. These can be used without ever taking your finger off the trigger using the default control scheme: with the adaptive trigger on the DualSense controller, just press L2 halfway to aim down the sights and use the main fire of your weapon, and squeeze it all the way down to enter your alt-fire mode. With 10 base weapons, more than 90 Weapon Traits (each with three levels)and 10 alt-fires, there are numerous weapon combinations to test out on your journey. While new weapon drops are frequent, Selene can only hold one weapon at a time, so your choice is important. Different challenges and enemies will also require different strategies to overcome, so you’ll need to be constantly adapting, experimenting with different weapons, and developing your skills to survive on the hostile planet of Atropos. Making progress For Selene, death is no escape. Each death sends Selene to the start of the time loop, just moments before crashing on the planet. Most abilities and items collected on the previous cycle will be lost…but not all of them. Some persist across sessions, so you’ll still make progress every cycle. ...menino lindo da mamãe... One of these persisting elements is the mysterious Cthonos, an alien device that generates a random item at the beginning of each cycle. This otherworldly device is tracking your performance, and when enough progress is accumulated you will be rewarded with a brand new item for immediate use, which will also be permanently added to the pool of available loot from that point on as well. The items you earn or discover as you explore the planet Atropos will change the way you play and offer a wide array of effects and strategic options for Selene. They can be offensive Tools like the Dismantler, a smartbomb-style explosion which annihilates all enemies around you; defensive consumables like the Kinetic Siphon, which restores Health through melee kills; or more strategic Artifacts that give Selene some unique advantages under certain conditions. Risk and reward There’s plenty of loot to be found on Atropos, but be wary that not all that glitters is gold. Some items, called Parasites, have both positive and negative effects. You’ll need to think twice before picking up a Parasite that, for example, regenerates you while at low health but also causes enemies to leave behind a pool of acid on death. Collecting Parasites will often feel like a risky decision, but there are multiple other scenarios that can help shift the odds in your favour, like for example carrying an Artifact that can increase your max health for every Parasite you’ve attached. There are many other cases where risk and reward will come into play, which can all drastically alter how each cycle plays out. You might encounter a “cursed” container that can be holding valuable loot, but opening it might trigger a random Suit Malfunction which, for example, can damage Selene every time she uses door and chest opening Keys, and can only be repaired by collecting a large number of obolites. Obolites can be exchanged for valuable items to increase your chances of survival, but if you’re on a good run you might prefer to spend them on activating a checkpoint – die and you’ll resurrect there with your current items and abilities, rather than restarting the cycle. These are just a few quick examples of the many interesting scenarios and tough decisions you will be facing. Returnal will be available starting March 19. Stay tuned as we bring you mode details in the upcoming weeks. Returnal Dev Looking To Offer PS5 Gamers ‘Unlimited Replay Value’ The developer behind Returnal has revealed that it’s aiming to give PS5 gamers ‘unlimited replay value’ for the upcoming title, which sees players attempting to break free of a death loop while navigating an inhospitable and brutal planet. Pelo visto estão empenhados e querem ferrar legal com o dia e a vida da Selene.
  3. Bom, vocês já sabem que o Keiichiro Toyama junto com outros pagangos que também pularam fora da Sony montaram o Bokeh Game Studio e estão fazendo um jogo de "terrô" e bla bla bla. Já havia feito outros posts sobre no tópico do PS5, e quando estiver com paciência procuro e também coloco por aqui. Mas por enquanto vai só essa atualização mesmo, e posteriormente quando o jogo possuir um titulo (e espero também um trailer) eu mudo o do tópico. Bokeh Game Studio CEO Keiichiro Toyama discusses first game in ‘Focus’ creator spotlight New title influenced by recent trend of "death games." Bokeh Game Studio, the new studio founded by Silent Hill, SIREN, and Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama, has published a nine-minute “Focus” video introducing the CEO and creative director, as well as teasing the studio’s first game. “Regarding our first game, I have multiple directions for my works,” Toyama said in the video. “The one I took is quite dark, far from my more recent titles. It’s like I’m coming back to my roots, for example towards horror. My ideas were starting to go that direction. This is where I’m taking my first title. However, rather than something deeply rooted into horror, I want to keep an entertainment note. While keeping elements from horror, I want the player to feel exhilarated when playing the game.” Já havia postado esse vídeo no tópico do PS5 mas vai aqui novamente. Concepts: Cara de que tem algo no naipe de Kiseijuu/Parasyte com Silent Hill, certamente as concepts entregam uma pontinha da premissa do jogo. Deve vir algo bom disso, ao menos eu espero que venha. Espero que tenha mesmo um "body horror" pesado e não esses "terror rated E" que temos por ai hoje em dia.
  4. Marcelo Roffer

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2

    Podia jurar que já havia um tópico sobre o jogo. Então... Vou começar a colocar por aqui as informações que devem começar a surgir ao longo desse ano até o lançamento em 2023 ( se o "Covid Reasons" deixar, claro) : Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 Hires Writer Behind Miles Morales Novel Brittney Morris, the acclaimed author behind the best-selling book Slay and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales novel Wings of Fury, has joined the Spider-Man 2 PS5 dev team at Insomniac Games. Morris, who has previously worked on underwater adventure game Subnautica, announced the news on Twitter (via ResetEra). Morris will serve as a writer on Spider-Man 2 PS5 Morris joined Spider-Man 2‘s dev team in the capacity of a writer. In response to her tweet, fans expressed their desire for new information about the highly-anticipated title. Spider-Man 2 is currently expected to release in 2023 so don’t expect Insomniac Games to have much to show off anytime soon. The studio is still on a hiring spree, but that said, it’s known for churning out high-quality releases in quick succession so we might see a little bit of gameplay sometime this year. Opinion: Spider-Man 2 will be a PS5 system-seller Zarmena writes… A Marvel property, a popular superhero, Insomniac Games – mix all three well and you get a system-seller. Spider-Man is the biggest exclusivity deal any console manufacturer could have struck, and it’s already worked wonders for Sony. The first release sold gangbusters and its Miles Morales standalone expansion is one of the best-selling PS5 games. The wait until 2023 will be a tough one. Se tem uma serie que a Marvel e principalmente a Sony não vai deixar avacalhar é Spider Man. Se não me engano já faz uns bons anos que o Aranha vende mais (quadrinhos e merchandising) que BÁTEMA e Super Omi da rival DC juntos.
  5. Teaser da Doritos Pope Awards 2020: God Of War Ragnarok Likely To Be PS5 And PS4 Release, Reckons David Jaffe God of War creator David Jaffe reckons that the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok will be a cross-generation release, meaning it’ll show up on PS4 and PS5 much like Horizon: Forbidden West. This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by Sony Santa Monica Studio, so keep that in mind. Jaffe, who masterminded the original 2005 God of War for PS2, revealed his comments during a livestream he did while playing God of War (2018). He was keen to point out that this was just his opinion on the matter, as he doesn’t work for Sony. Still, it’s worth remembering that even Sony’s Jim Ryan couldn’t say whether or not the game would be a PS5-exclusive late last year. God of War Ragnarok was confirmed last year by Sony and will follow the story established in the PS4 soft reboot, which saw Kratos and his young son, Atreus, embarking on an epic journey steeped in Norse mythology. Sony has yet to announced a God of War Ragnarok release date, other than it will apparently show up in 2021. Pedra mais cantada que essa não há. Até o David Jaffe acredita, e é obvio que ele sabe de alguma coisa. Outro dia numa live disse que já sabe até qual é o jogo do novo estúdio da Sony (San Diego) mas não pode comentar nada a respeito, claro. Já raspou a cabeça e esta deixando a barba branca velha crescer para entrar no clima
  6. The Callisto Protocol foi revelado durante o Dorito's Pope Show 2020, aka The Game Awards 2020. É um Action Third Person Survival Horror Game do mesmo criador de Dead Space, Glen Schofield agora com seu novo estudio formado em 2019, a Striking Distance Studios. Mas agora sem as garras imundas da EA em cima da produção e ditando os rumos de uma possível serie de jogos. Striking Distance Studios Announce The Callisto Protocol, A Dead Space-Inspired Survival Horror Action Game For PS5 Promising PS5 Survival Horror The Callisto Protocol Is Probably Set In The PUBG Universe, First Details Revealed Hoje saiu o Red Band trailer com algumas pequenas diferenças (gore): Agora é esperar que aquele papo de Universo PUBG seja só mais alguma merda de marketing, e não venha a estragar o resultado final do jogo.

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