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  1. NiOh Produtora: Koei Tecmo (Team Ninja) Lançamento previsto: 2016 Estilo: Ação com elementos de RPG Plataforma: PS4 Site Oficial: Trailers: Original: TGS 2015: Gameplay (Low quality): News: Koei Tecmo originally announced Ni-Oh back in 2004 for the PlayStation 3, but we haven’t heard much about it until now. The game’s first trailer shows us a look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 title. Ni-Oh will release in 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Read more at Ni-Oh’s Development Kept Going On Thanks To Over 10 Years Of Anticipation From Fans After Koei Tecmo announced Ni-Oh in 2004 for the PlayStation 3, many fans expected the game to be vaporware until it was re-announced during the SCEJA Press Conference 2015. Koei Tecmo share more behind the development in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.] Ni-Oh is being developed as a “Dark Sengoku Action RPG.” The stage is set during the last years of the Sengoku period of Japan, with a blonde-haired protagonist with special powers named William, who travels the lands. Here are some notes from the interview with Koei Tecmo: Ni-Oh was originally developed as a launch title for the PlayStation 3. The focus was to push the action elements instead of focusing on the RPG parts. Koei Tecmo continued working on the game behind the scenes, even while hearing people say “you guys just announced it haven’t even made anything, right?” The game runs at 60fps. It was decided to make it into a console exclusive title as Koei Tecmo wish to be able to use the PlayStation 4’s quality to show the world more of Japan’s yokai culture. There will be giant yokai boss fights. Koei Tecmo are currently thinking of some kind of opportunity that will allow players to directly try out Ni-Oh before it releases. Famitsu magazine has a corner where fans can voice out their most anticipated games. Thanks to Ni-Oh being on it for the past 10 years, it gave Koei Tecmo the drive to continue developing the game without stopping. Ni-Oh will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4. Read more at Caso as imagens não apareçam, vejam aqui: Koei Tecmo shared new details and the first screenshots of Nioh, its here“>newly re-revealed “dark Sengoku action RPG” for PlayStation 4, during a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show today. Nioh protagonist William can fight using multiple weapons, including swords and spears. Spears have a wider range and can strike a larger number of oponents, but is difficult to use in confined spaces. Each weapon has its own characteristics such as this. Additionally, switching between a higher offensive stance and lower defensive stance will be an important element. There will be an online element called “Chinokata Dzuka” (Bloody Sword Mound). When you’re connected online and playing the game, you’ll see the “bloody sword mounds” of players who have died sticking out of the ground. When you touch it, that player’s “Jigurui” (Corpse Deviation) will appear and a battle will ensue. You can see their name, level, and cause of death before deciding whether to summon them. Corpse Deviation battles are dangerous, but defeating the summon might earn you useful items. Nioh details online element, first screenshots William also has at his disposal a variety of “Guardian Spirits,” which can be used at certain times to unleash a powerful attack. Some also offer healing abilities. If you die, your Guardian Spirit will stay in the location you were killed, and if you don’t recover it, you won’t be able to use it again. You’ll be able to switch out your Guardian Spirit at shrines you encounter along the way. Read more at

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