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  1. Bem, aparentemente a empresa onde eu trabalho vai levantar o BW on HANA e pelo que entendi, o ERP inteiro on HANA. Vi essa notícia abaixo da nova release e resolvi postar aqui pra trocar informações... Para quem não conhece, o HANA é a solução de computação in-memory da SAP. SAP Delivers Next Release of SAP HANA NICE — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced the release of support package stack 10 (SPS10) for the SAP HANA platform, helping customers successfully extend all the key functionalities of their core business to the edge of the network where remote business transactions and events actually occur. The latest release delivers new capabilities that help customers connect with the Internet of Things (IoT) at enterprise scale, manage Big Data more effectively, further extend high availability of data across the enterprise and develop new applications. The announcement was made at SAPinsider HANA 2015, being held June 16-18 in Nice, France. “SAP HANA gives customers one integrated platform for transactional and analytic workloads,” said Quentin Clark, chief technology officer, SAP. “The new capabilities of SAP HANA ensure data center-readiness, enable synchronization of data to any remote system, extend high availability and disaster recovery of enterprise data and perform advanced analytics. We are readying our customers for the inevitable digitization of our entire economy.” Connecting to the Internet of Things at Enterprise Scale The new remote data synchronization feature of SAP HANA enables organizations to synchronize data between the enterprise and remote locations at the edge of the network. Developers can now build IoT and data-intensive mobile apps that leverage SAP HANA remote data synchronization between the enterprise and remote locations via the SAP SQL Anywhere suite – a leading enterprise-ready, embeddable database technology with more than 12 million licenses. Now, enterprise data can be securely captured, accessed and fed back into SAP HANA from remote workplaces such as retail stores and restaurants. In addition, customers can collect and analyze IoT data for performing critical tasks at distant locations including predictive maintenance on ships, pumping stations and in mines with low bandwidth or intermittent connections or even while offline. Streamlining Data Access and Management of Big Data Businesses can continue to harness Big Data using expanded smart data integration capabilities of SAP HANA to the latest Hadoop distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Additional enhancements for SAP HANA include faster data transfer with Spark SQL and a single user interface (UI) for SAP HANA and Hadoop cluster administration using Apache Ambari. IT organizations can also take advantage of new rules-based data movement among multiple storage tiers based on business requirements. For example, organizations can set up rules to keep one year of data in memory and set a rule to move older data to disk storage or Hadoop. Finally, customers can have greater confidence in the data they are collecting with new smart data quality capabilities for SAP HANA to cleanse data and merge duplicates by using an easy-to-use, Web-based development workbench. Extending High Availability and Scalability Across the Enterprise SAP HANA delivers new high availability and disaster recovery capabilities to help ensure data center readiness and support for always-on, mission-critical applications. Features such as 1-to-n asynchronous replication, auto-host failover for dynamic tiering and incremental backups help reduce system downtime and facilitate true business continuity across the enterprise. In addition, companies can leverage the NUMA (non-uniform memory access) -aware architecture of SAP HANA to support large scale systems with more than 12TB of memory to rapidly process large data sets and improve overall business performance. Enhancements in workload management help further improve mixed workload performance to optimize resource more effectively. “High availability and disaster recovery are some of the most critical requirements for any enterprise-level IT landscape with data centers,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Application Development and Deployment, IDC. “The importance of ensuring reliability and certainty that IT operations will continue in the event of a failure cannot be understated. SAP HANA has been designed to provide a solid foundation that facilitates business continuity across the enterprise and reduces the risk of security breaches.” Innovating Through Advanced Analytics With the expanded data processing capabilities in SAP HANA SPS10, businesses can accelerate the development of powerful applications with advanced analytics. SAP HANA text mining now extends to the SQL syntax, making it easier for developers to build next-generation applications. The new spatial processing enhancements of SAP HANA include support multidimensional objects and spatial expressions in SAP HANA models or SQLScript. As a result, developers can incorporate engaging visualizations in their business applications. Strong Momentum on SAP HANA The number of customers transforming their business with SAP HANA is dramatically increasing. SAP HANA currently has more than 6,400 customers, almost doubling from only one year ago. SAP HANA Cloud Platform has quickly built momentum with approximately 1,400 customers. SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) has driven tremendous interest out of the gate with more than 370 customers in 2015 alone. The SAP Business Warehouse application on SAP HANA continues to have strong traction with over 1,900 customers. Adoption of SAP HANA by startups has soared, with more than 2,000 leveraging the SAP HANA platform today. In addition, there are more than 815,000 active users of SAP HANA. Fonte: --- Achei esse artigo abaixo interessante também, explicando o que é o HANA (até bem pouco tempo atrás eu também nem sabia do que se tratava lol): What is SAP HANA? created by Administrator on Sep 15, 2012 1:40 AM SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market today (figure 1). Figure 1: SAP HANA - platform for a new class of real-time analytics and applications Whenever companies have to go deep within their data sets to ask complex and interactive questions, and have to go broad (which means working with enormous data sets that are of different types and from different sources) at the same time, SAP HANA is well-suited. Increasingly there is a need for this data to be recent and preferably in real-time. Add to that the need for high speed (very fast response time and true interactivity), and the need to do all this without any pre-fabrication (no data preparation, no pre-aggregates, no-tuning) and you have a unique combination of requirements that only SAP HANA can address effectively. When this set of needs or any subset thereof have to be addressed (in any combination), SAP HANA is in its elements. Analytics and Applications Real-time analytics – The Categories of Analytics which HANA specializes Operational Reporting (real-time insights from transaction systems such as custom or SAP ERP). This covers Sales Reporting (improving fulfillment rates and accelerating key sales processes), Financial Reporting (immediate insights across revenue, customers, accounts payable, etc.), Shipping Reporting (better enabling complete stock overview analysis), Purchasing Reporting (complete real-time analysis of complete order history) and Master Data Reporting (real-time ability to impact productivity and accuracy). Data Warehousing (SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA) – BW customers can run their entire BW application on the SAP HANA platform leading to unprecedented BW performance (queries run 10-100 times faster; data loads 5-10 times faster; calculations run 5-10 times faster), a dramatically simplified IT landscape (leads to greater operational efficiency and reduced waste), and a business community able to make faster decisions. Moreover, not only is the BW investment of these customers preserved but also super-charged. Customers can migrate with ease to the SAP HANA database without impacting the BW application layer at all. Predictive and Text analysis on Big Data - To succeed, companies must go beyond focusing on delivering the best product or service and uncover customer/employee /vendor/partner trends and insights, anticipate behavior and take proactive action. SAP HANA provides the ability to perform predictive and text analysis on large volumes of data in real-time. It does this through the power of its in-database predictive algorithms and its R integration capability. With its text search/analysis capabilities SAP HANA also provides a robust way to leverage unstructured data. Real-time applications – The Categories of Applications which HANA specializes Core process accelerators – Accelerate business reporting by leveraging ERP Accelerators, which are non-disruptive ways to take advantage of in-memory technology. These solutions involve an SAP HANA database sitting next to a customer’s SAP ERP system. Transactional data is replicated in real-time from ECC into HANA for immediate reporting, and then results can even be fed back into ECC. Solutions include CO-PA Accelerator, Finance and Controlling Accelerator, Customer Segmentation Accelerator, Sales Pipeline Analysis, and more. Planning, Optimization Apps – SAP HANA excels at applications that require complex scheduling with fast results, and SAP is delivering solutions that no other vendor can match. These include Sales & Operational Planning, BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation, Cash Forecasting, ATP calculation, Margin calculation, Manufacturing scheduling optimization (from start-up Optessa), and more. Sense & response apps – These applications offer real-time insights on Big Data such as smart meter data, point-of-sale data, social media data, and more. They involve complexities such as personalized insight and recommendations, text search and mining, and predictive analytics. Only SAP HANA is well suited for such applications, including Smart Meter Analytics, SAP Supplier InfoNet, SAP precision retailing, and Geo-spatial Visualization apps (from start-up Space-Time Insight). Typically these processes tend to be data-intensive and many could not be deployed in the past owing to cost and performance constraints. What is the secret sauce? Other database management systems on the market are typically either good at transactional workloads, or analytical workloads, but not both. When transactional DBMS products are used for analytical workloads, they require you to separate your workloads into different databases (OLAP and OLTP). You have to extract data from your transactional system (ERP), transform that data for reporting, and load it into a reporting database (BW). The reporting database still requires significant effort in creating and maintaining tuning structures such as aggregates and indexes to provide even moderate performance. Due to its hybrid structure for processing transactional workloads and analytical workloads fully in-memory, SAP HANA combines the best of both worlds. You don’t need to take the time to load data from your transactional database into your reporting database, or even build traditional tuning structures to enable that reporting. As transactions are happening, you can report against them live. By consolidating two landscapes (OLAP and OLTP) into a single database, SAP HANA provides companies with massively lower TCO in addition to mind-blowing speed. Figure 2: Broad Portfolio of SAP HANA enabled Solutions – Like “Games” on the “Xbox” But even more important is the new application programming paradigm enabled for “extreme” applications. Since the SAP HANA database resides entirely in-memory all the time, additional complex calculations, functions and data-intensive operations can happen on the data directly in the database, without requiring time-consuming and costly movements of data between the database and applications. This incredible simplification and optimization of the data layer is the “killer feature” of SAP HANA because it removes multiple layers of technology and significant human effort to get incredible speed. It also has the benefit of reducing the overall TCO of the entire solution. Some other database engines on the market today might claim to provide one or another benefit that SAP HANA brings. However, none of them can deliver on all of them. This is real-time computing, and customers can take advantage of this today via SAP BW on SAP HANA, Accelerators on SAP HANA and native SAP HANA applications (figure 2). Why In-Memory Processing? Necessity is the mother of invention. Please look at the statistics, growth of processing speed versus storage memory. Figure 3 : Processing Speed versus Storage Capacity --- Agora uma outra parada maneira: acessando o seguinte link no site da SAP é possível ver a lista de servidores que a SAP dá o selo de compliance com o HANA. Vale a pena jogar o nome de alguns deles no Google pra ver fotos dos servers... Coisa de maluco, alguns chegam a 6TB de RAM.
  2. ragecom

    SQL Server 2016

    Na empresa que eu trabalho estamos com o 2014 na produção. O 2016 tem uma porrada de novidades interessantes, que tirei do Technet (abaixo). Hype grande aqui. Esse ano era pra eu ter ido no Teched em São Paulo pra conhecer algumas dessas novas funcionalidades mas infelizmente ocorreu um problema e não pude ir. SQL Server 2016 public preview coming this summer Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced SQL Server 2016, an intelligent platform for a mobile first, cloud first world. The next major release of Microsoft’s flagship database and analytics platform provides breakthrough performance for mission critical applications and deeper insights on your data across on-premises and cloud. Top capabilities for the release include: Always Encrypted - a new capability that protects data at rest and in motion, Stretch Database - new technology that lets you dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure, enhancements to our industry-leading in-memory technologies for real-time analytics on top of breakthrough transactional performance and new in-database analytics with R integration. Always Encrypted Data security is top of mind, especially for mission critical applications, and SQL Server has been the enterprise database with the fewest security vulnerabilities six years running.* To help customers with data security and compliance when using SQL Server on-premises or in the cloud, we are introducing Always Encrypted. Always Encrypted, based on technology from Microsoft Research, protects data at rest and in motion. With Always Encrypted, SQL Server can perform operations on encrypted data and best of all, the encryption key resides with the application in the customers trusted environment. Encryption and decryption of data happens transparently inside the application which minimizes the changes that have to be made to existing applications. Stretch Database Today, in the Ignite keynote, we showcased how you can gain the benefits of hyper-scale cloud in the box with new hybrid scenarios including Stretch Database. As core transactional tables grow in size, you may need to archive historical data to lower cost and to maintain fast performance. This unique technology allows you to dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure, so your operational data is always at hand, no matter the size, and you benefit from the low cost of using Microsoft Azure. You can use Always Encrypted with Stretch Database to extend your data in a more secure manner for greater peace of mind. Real-time Operational Analytics & In-Memory OLTP Building on our industry leading and proven in-memory technologies, customers will benefit from the combination of real-time operational analytics with blazing fast transactional performance - a first among enterprise vendors. For In-Memory OLTP, which customers today are using for up to 30x faster transactions than disk based systems, you will now be able to apply this technology tuned for transactional performance to a significantly greater number of applications as well as benefit from increased concurrency. With these enhancements, we also introduce the unique capability to use our in-memory columnstore delivering 100X faster queries with in-memory OLTP for in-memory performance and real-time operational analytics. Built-in Advanced Analytics, PolyBase and Mobile BI For deeper insights into data, SQL Server 2016 expands its scope beyond transaction processing, data warehousing and business intelligence to deliver advanced analytics as an additional workload in SQL Server with proven technology from Revolution Analytics. We want to make advanced analytics more accessible and increase performance for your advanced analytic workloads by bringing R processing closer to the data and building advanced analytic capabilities right into SQL Server. Additionally, we are building PolyBase into SQL Server, expanding the power to extract value from unstructured and structured data using your existing T-SQL skills. With this wave, you can then gain faster insights through rich visualizations on many devices including mobile applications on Windows, iOS and Android. Additional capabilities in SQL Server 2016 include: . Additional security enhancements for Row-level Security and Dynamic Data Masking to round out our security investments with Always Encrypted. . Improvements to AlwaysOn for more robust availability and disaster recovery with multiple synchronous replicas and secondary load balancing. . Native JSON support to offer better performance and support for your many types of your data. . SQL Server Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tools and Analysis Services get an upgrade in performance, usability and scalability. . Faster hybrid backups, high availability and disaster recovery scenarios to backup and restore your on-premises databases to Azure and place your SQL Server AlwaysOn secondaries in Azure. . In addition, there are many more capabilities coming with SQL Server 2016 that deliver mission critical performance, deeper insights on your data and allow you to reap the benefits of hyper-scale cloud. Last week at Build we announced exciting innovations to support our mission of making it easier to work with your data, no matter how big or complex. We also shared how we are bringing capabilities to the cloud first in Azure SQL Database as with such as Row-level security and Dynamic Data Masking and then bringing the capabilities, as well as the learnings from running these at hyper-scale, back to SQL Server to improve our on-premises offering. Thus, all our customers benefit from our investments and learnings in Microsoft Azure. In addition to our hybrid cloud scenarios and investments in running SQL Server 2016 in Azure Virtual Machine, SQL Server delivers a complete database platform for hybrid cloud, enabling you to more easily build, deploy and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud. As the foundation of our end-to-end data platform, with this release of SQL Server we continue to make it easier for customers to maximize your data dividends. With SQL Server 2016 you can capture, transform, and analyze any data, of any size, at any scale, in its native format —using the tools, languages and frameworks you know and want in a trusted environment on-premises and in the cloud. Be sure to visit the SQL Server 2016 preview page to read about the capabilities of SQL Server 2016 and sign-up to be notified once the public preview is available.

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