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    Tópico Oficial das BIRIBINHAS gamísticas ...

    Screenshots From the Next Silent Hill Have Reportedly Leaked A new Silent Hill game’s screenshots accompanied by a few details seem to have leaked out in the wee hours of the morning, and are being taken down via copyright strikes presumably by IP owner and publisher Konami. Known leaker and insider Dusk Golem shared several images from what he claims is a new Silent Hill game as it appeared during development in 2020. The copyright strikes suggest that the images are indeed real. New Silent Hill screenshots We’re sharing the screenshots for our readers below. In case they disappear by the time you get to this article, you can find them on ResetEra as well. The last image seems to have been signed by Silent Hill monster designer Masahiro Ito. Upon further inspection, a Reddit user found that the graffiti says something along the lines of “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy,” which is taken from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. A translation of the text that appears in image 4/5 above reads: Although the images were removed from Dusk Golem’s tweets, you can still view the original text below. The general consensus is that the images above scream Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear), who has been rumored to be working on a new Silent Hill. However, Dusk Golem claims that there is more than one Silent Hill in development and Sony Interactive Entertainment is still very much involved. Bom, foi a própria KONAMI que entrou com os pedidos para que retirassem as imagens do twitter. Isso já diz muito.
  3. Furi’s Free PS5-Only Upgrade and DLC Upsets Xbox Players The recently-announced Furi PS5 upgrade took many by surprise considering the game is nearly six years old but for Xbox players, the real surprise was missing out on the free next-gen upgrade and DLC that other platforms are set to receive. Such was the backlash that developer The Game Bakers took to Twitter to address the complaints, revealing that Furi “never captured a lot of attention on Xbox” (...só mais um dos vários) and for a small studio with financial and time constraints, platforms had to prioritized. Furi PS5 upgrade comes with One More Fight DLC for free If you were subscribed to PS Plus in 2016, you might want to check your library as chances are, you downloaded Furi. The boss-rush action game was part of the service’s July 2016 lineup. Not only will you be able to get the next-gen upgrade for free, you’ll also receive a free update that includes all paid and free content that came with One More Fight DLC as well as all the improvements made since release (Invincible Mode, Furier Speedrun, Alternate controls, etc.). If you want to experience the game from a new angle and don’t mind forking out $7, then you can grab the new Onnamusha DLC that gives you an alternate main character to play with. Onnamusha Rider comes with her own combat skills. Like the next-gen upgrade and free content update, Onnamusha will skip Xbox platforms.
  4. Marcelo Roffer

    Dead Space remake

  5. Marcelo Roffer

    Xbox Series S/X

    Xbox’s online DRM under fire as some users left unable to play games for 4th day MICROSOFT’S GAMING SERVERS HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING OUTAGES ON-AND-OFF SINCE FRIDAY Xbox’s online DRM policy has been criticised after server outages left some console owners unable to launch their purchased games for a fourth day. On Friday, May 6 Xbox’s Support Team first confirmed that its servers were experiencing a major outage, after users complained that they were unable to purchase or launch games, or start cloud gaming sessions. On Saturday, the Support Team claimed it had resolved the issue, only for it to state several hours later that the issue had returned. In total, the Support Team claimed to have fixed the problem twice this weekend, only for it to seemingly return later. UPDATE: Microsoft has said it expects to fully resolve recent Xbox server outages with a new update “in the coming days”. ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: Most recently, Xbox stated at 1:21am BST on Monday (8:21pm ET Sunday) that European users should no longer be encountering errors when attempting to launch games and start clouding gaming sessions. However, at the time of publishing this story, the replies are full of users claiming they still can’t boot their purchased games. Unsurprisingly, Xbox’s online DRM policy has been heavily criticised by users frustrated that they’ve been left unable to play their purchased games for a fourth day. According to Does It Play?, a Twitter account dedicated to testing commercial releases to ensure the work entirely internet free, the majority of Xbox games require an online check before they’ll boot. “They absolutely do not have them on PlayStation or Switch,” the account wrote. “Trust us we’ve tested them”. They added: “If the PlayStation servers go down tomorrow permanently, every single player game you own will work offline almost permanently (provided console is working and account was linked). There are a tiny subset of titles that will not. “Xbox NEEDS to fix their DRM problems. Hand waving won’t help… Nobody wins, especially Xbox fans when ALL the catalog eventually becomes inaccessible”. The outages are potentially embarrassing for Xbox, which has historically promoted the importance of game preservation, most significantly with its extensive backwards compatibility program. The company also famously u-turned on hugely unpopular plans to require an online connection for Xbox One. Parris Lilly, a journalist and previous host of an official Xbox event, also criticised Xbox’s DRM policy in the wake of this weekend’s server outage. “The Xbox outages have made it clear that something needs to change with their DRM policy, games that are downloaded to my console should have a window to be offline and playable without checking in. Hopefully we get some clarity and a solution to avoid this issue again.” Esse tipo de merda não é novidade no Xbox: E notem que toda vez que algo do tipo acontece e a MS diz que espera resolver o problema nos próximos dias nunca significa remover a porra do DRM dos jogos do Xbox com uma atualização. Simplesmente significa que a comunidade vai ter que esperar até que os os servidores voltem ao normal para poderem autenticar as porras dos jogos até que tudo aconteça novamente.
  6. Marcelo Roffer

    Tópico Oficial das BIRIBINHAS gamísticas ...

    Tomara que seja uma boa surpresa como Mortal Shell.
  7. Marcelo Roffer

    Nintendo Switch

    Inside the Growing Discontent Behind Nintendo’s Fun Facade Special Report: We go in-depth on the growing frustration within Nintendo of America. O artigo é extenso então vejam diretamente no link acima.
  8. Acredito que já não é novidade que é mais um jogo adiado. Vou centralizar por aqui aquilo que se tem até o momento sobre o jogo para quem tiver interesse poder se inteirar, e as informações não ficarem soltas e perdidas no tópico do Xbox. É isso ai, quem sabe na E3 de 2023 não é mesmo!? Vamos ao que interessa: Primeiras imagens vazadas de uma build de 2018 Starfield Gets New Gorgeous Leaked Screenshot; Game Is Supposedly Targeting a Q1 2022 Release Starfield Will Not Be Coming To PS5, Exclusive To Xbox And PC Journalist Confirms Bethesda’s Starfield ‘is exclusive to Xbox and PC’, it’s claimed REPORTER SUGGESTS THE SCI-FI RPG WILL APPEAR AT E3 AND RELEASE IN 2022 3 years after The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced, Todd Howard is thinking about making it Howard said fans should still think of the new Elder Scrolls game as being in the "design" phase. Starfield Will be Exclusive to Xbox; Microsoft “Trying Their Hardest” for a Holiday 2021 Launch – Rumour “The game’s basically sort of finished – it’s in bug squashing mode right now,” says an Xbox insider. In his recent Xbox Two podcast (via Pure Xbox), Xbox insider Rand al’Thor said that Microsoft and Bethesda are trying their hardest to get Starfield out by Holiday this year. He added that the game’s development is essentially done, and Bethesda are currently in the process of polishing the game. Meanwhile, he also stated that Starfield will without a doubt be an Xbox console exclusive- which shouldn’t surprise you at this point, honestly. It’s a Microsoft-owned property, after all. “I’ve been told, by very reliable people that Starfield was 100% an Xbox exclusive,” he said. “I’ve even made bets about it, and I don’t bet unless I know I’m willing to bet. So I’m really, really confident that Starfield is only releasing on Xbox when it does, and I’ve been told as well that Microsoft is trying their hardest to get the game out for this holiday. They really want Starfield out this holiday. The game’s basically sort of finished – it’s in bug squashing mode right now (claro, a Beth e bem conhecida por ser muito boa nisso ), very much like Halo Infinite, and it would be a big boon for Game Pass and Xbox if both Halo and Starfield could launch this fall.” This isn’t the first time we’ve heard similar reports about Starfield. The game’s allegedly been targeting a late 2021 launch for some time now, and recently, it was also reported that Microsoft intended to unveil the game in full at E3 and then launch it later in the year. Starfield: everything we know about Bethesda's new RPG All the details on Starfield, Bethesda's new space RPG Concepts: Tá ai o "TÓPECO" @psg1 . Desculpe a demora, ando mais corrido do que trepa de coelho e a busca do fórum também deu aquela ajudinha de sempre na hora de encontrar o material que já foi postado.
  9. Marcelo Roffer

    The King of Fighters XV. Só para não passar em branco...

    Tragam de volta Krauser, os velhos Saisyu, Takuma e coloquem também Jubei Yamada no meio do rolo.
  10. Marcelo Roffer


    Espero que seja melhor que o segundo e tão bom (ou próximo) quanto o primeiro.

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