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  1. Barão Ricks

    Efeito Halo 3 começou, estudantes e trabalhadores

    ahahah se fosse um jogo pra ps3 que tivesse causado esse alvoroço tinha neguinho delirando de felicidade aqui
  2. Barão Ricks

    Halo 3 vende 1.8 milhoes em 8 horas

    Concordo com o Dr Mario Vai dar pena de ver os numeros de hard e soft do ps3 no mes de setembro
  3. Barão Ricks

    Halo 3 vende 1.8 milhoes em 8 horas

    Metade dos que reclamam aqui nem sequer viram o jogo quanto mais jogar
  4. Barão Ricks

    [PS3]Naruto Project

    Acho esse anime uma merda assim como todos os animes Entao esse jogo nao deve fugir a regra e ser uma merda igual ao desenho bleargh
  5. Barão Ricks

    Halo 3 vende 1.8 milhoes em 8 horas

    Ninguem ia ver se eu postasse naquele topico Quero que todos na players compartilhem o grande sucesso que esta sendo halo 3
  6. Barão Ricks

    Halo 3 vende 1.8 milhoes em 8 horas Current Halo 3 Sales Figures : 1.8 Million sold in 8 Hours predator - contributor - Tipsed by: Laka Published: 2 hours ago | News | Xbox 360 | Industry News Info Report In even more Halo 3 related news, initial sales for Master Chief’s latest incarnation are coming in, and the Xbox 360 exclusive title has sold through 1.8 million copies during the first 8 hours of release. The break down is 1.5 million sold through pre-orders, with an additional 300,000 copies sold without pre-order
  7. Barão Ricks

    Efeito Halo 3 começou, estudantes e trabalhadores

    Players onde a inveja é apenas o começo
  8. Some gamers plan to be 'Halo' sick Posted 20h 40m ago | Comments 2 | Recommend E-mail | Save | Print | A scene from Halo 3, the game that has students already planning their sick days. By John Kiesewetter, The Cincinnati Enquirer For Microsoft Xbox 360 owners, Tuesday is Opening Day — the time to skip school, call in sick or take a vacation day for the big game. Halo 3. The much-anticipated third and final edition in the Halo video game trilogy — about a super-human soldier, Master Chief, fighting against alien races and parasites — will be released at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. REVIEW: 'Halo 3' lives up to the hype An estimated 4 million copies will be sold in the U.S. in a month, says FIND MORE STORIES IN: Tuesday | Monday | Game | Ky | Pontiac | Halo | University of Cincinnati | Opening Day | Microsoft Game Studios "I've already talked to my teachers and got my assignments for Tuesday. I don't plan on going to class," says Dane Mitchell, 20, a Cincinnati State and Community College sophomore. "I'm going to pick up the game at midnight from GameStop, go to a friend's house, and play it for 36 hours," he says. "That's what we did before, when Halo 2 came out, my senior year in high school. I can't believe my parents let me skip school to play it." Like Mitchell, Neil Godwin, 21, of Milford, Ohio, reserved his copy more than a year ago. He's taking a vacation day Tuesday from his job as a Kroger computer help desk analyst to play Halo 3 all day with his brother. All the Halo hype — with Burger King, Mountain Dew, NASCAR and Pontiac promotional deals — has made this game release the biggest cultural phenomenon since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived in July. Eager customers will line up to get a copy Monday, or attend launch parties at their favorite video game stores Monday night. Best Buy in Florence, Ky., and 23 area Game Stop stores will open at midnight to sell the Microsoft title, the most-wanted video game by 14-to-17-year-olds, according to national retailer Game Crazy. "At my school, at least 50 kids are getting it at the midnight release," says Sean Faust, 17, a high school senior from Alexandria, Ky. "I'm not going to lie. I know about 15 kids who are going to skip school Tuesday, maybe even myself," Faust says. He'll nap 3-11 p.m. Monday, buy his copy at midnight and play until dawn — or much later. "You've been wanting it for so long, that once you get it you just don't want to put it down. I might just keep playing it," Faust says. University of Cincinnati marketing major Dave Durham predicts that "about 25% of the students won't be in class on Tuesday" because of the Xbox factor. "I know a couple people who are taking the whole week off on vacation," says Durham, 21. Durham, however, plans to make his 8 a.m. statistics class Tuesday. He's one of the lucky Pontiac giveaway winners who will have Halo 3 copies delivered to their homes Monday. Durham and fellow Pontiac contest winner Luke Mars, 20, of Hamilton, Ohio, will spend the night playing Halo 2 with customers at the independent Game Junkie north of Cincinnati, which will be open for 33 hours straight through Tuesday night. "I played the Halo beta test in May, and loved it. I played it every day," Mars says. "Even though I won the game, I'm still going to get the collector's version at midnight with the little helmet to hold your Halo games." Mars, a warehouse worker, says his friends love Halo because they can play against each other — or online with and against people around the world. Players communicate with each other through a headset. "The game never gets old, because you play against different people around the world. Each time you play, it's a different experience," says Brian Robbe, 30, of Cincinnati. "Other games, after you master them you put them away on a shelf. But not Halo." Robbe will pick up his copy at Best Buy on Monday night, and play for a while. But he plans to be at his desk Tuesday morning in Kentucky at Cengage Learning, providing technical support for teachers and students. "I thought about taking the day off, but it's a busy time for us," Robbe says. "But you know, on Tuesday, we might not be getting a lot of calls from students." Posted 20h 40m ago
  9. Barão Ricks

    Nada de Bioshock no PS3

    Players onde chorar é apenas o começo
  10. Barão Ricks

    Nada de Bioshock no PS3

    Amigo acho que voce precisa de aulas de ingles no texto fala que como o jogo foi um grande sucesso de vendas a MS comprou os direitos da IP do jogo, portanto agora so em consoles da MS mesmo
  11. Barão Ricks

    Nada de Bioshock no PS3

    Depois de ver os numeros de venda de agosto era mais que certo que isso fosse acontecer Sonystas estavam rezando pra que vendesse pouco pra garatir uma versão pra ps3 mas infelizmente pra eles isso nao aconteceu Quartermann: Viva Pinata to Wii, No BioShock PS3? The Q does some major rumor mongering this month. By 1UP Staff, 09/24/2007 It's that time of the month again. The latest issue of EGM, complete with a blow-out look at THQ and Volition's Saints Row 2, is starting to hit subscribers. And, of course, there's the latest batch of Quartermann rumors -- there's some tasty bits this month. With Viva Pinata already heading to the Nintendo DS and the continued success of mini-game compilations on Wii, doesn't it make sense Viva Pinata: Party Animals should show up on Wii? Q seems to think so, but it doesn't seem like it'll be hitting day-an-date this Fall. Also, those rumors of BioShock coming to the PlayStation 3? Scrap 'em; apparently, the incredible success of 2K Games' new IP on Xbox 360 (and PC) means Microsoft has snatched the rights to keep Rapture on their hardware. The additional content originally planned for the better-late-than-never PS3 version may show up in a Game of the Year edition or downloadable content on Xbox Live. PS3 owners aren't completely left in the cold, though, as Sony's not finished digging through the old Singletrac classics from the PS One era. With Warhawk enjoying online success (though the jury's still out on its sales numbers), Sony's now eyeing Jet Moto for a revival. No word on whether it's a full-fledged update, a PlayStation Network diddy or something for the PSP -- but it's on Sony's plate and something that's been too long coming. For more rumor mongering -- like, say, what Criterion is working on that isn't Burnout Paradise -- make sure to check out the November issue of EGM.
  12. Barão Ricks

    Halo3 lancamento e minhas impressoes iniciais

    Isso mesmo toguro chorão, chore mais que é a unica coisa que voce sabe fazer O seu choro será muito maior quando sairem os numeros de venda de Halo 3
  13. Esse é o problema do ps3 vive de eternas promessas
  14. Barão Ricks


    PWNED ²
  15. Barão Ricks



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