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  1. A couple of times in the past few weeks Atletico Mineiro have visited my adopted city of Rio. On both occasions I had a question for journalists who cover the club: Were they confident about their team’s chances in the Club World Cup? They said they were, emphatically so. And I walked away thinking they were living in a parallel universe. The lesson of recent editions of this tournament is clear. The South Americans stand a chance on one condition -- that they are able to defend. Sao Paulo beat Liverpool in 2005 and Internacional overcame Barcelona a year later with essentially the same game plan: Hang on for dear life and try to launch one decisive counterattack. Corinthians were a little more ambitious last year, and their game against Chelsea was considerably more even. But their play did not stand out for its exuberant expression. Rather, coach Tite, after working like a demon on the training ground, managed to produce a side that were extremely compact and difficult to play through -- very different from the Atletico Mineiro team that have just gone down 3-1 to Raja Casablanca in this year's semifinal. There is a common theme in all of these campaigns, successful or otherwise. The semifinal has always been a very difficult game for the succession of Brazilian teams that have represented South America in the World Club Cup. There have been no easy victories, no cruises into the final as happens every year with the European champions. To a significant extent, this is psychological. The chance to have a crack at the holders of the Champions League is the high point of the club calendar for a South American side. Clubs dream of winning the Libertadores -- and then spend months thinking of nothing else but their shot at glory against those rich, glamorous Europeans. This means that the semifinal is fraught with peril. Paradise is there, in plain sight, just a few days ahead. Lose the semi and it is taken away, maybe forever. This, as Tite told me recently when I did a TV show with him, has a horribly inhibiting effect on performance. Make it through to the final and everyone is up for game, ready to give their all, striving to be a hero. But the semi is shrouded in dreadful fear of failure. Atletico are capable of more than they delivered in the defeat to Raja Casablanca. The lively left-footed Fernandinho showed some talent down the flanks. Ronaldinho did what he is capable of these days -- a magisterially struck goal from a free kick, a couple of interesting passes from deep, a few well-judged bursts into the penalty area. But he never managed to click with Diego Tardelli, such a talented player with an exceptional change of pace. And centre-forward Jo, top scorer in this year's Copa Libertadores, had an unhappy evening. When Atletico's attacking unit catch fire, they can be a fine sight. But that was last on show some time ago, back in March and April in the early stages of the Libertadores. Come the business end, Atletico had already gone off the boil. They did not score more goals than any of their opponents in the quarter, semi or the final, getting through once on away goals and winning two penalty shootouts. Their campaign became dependent on home form, buoyed along by a bubbling atmosphere as their own crowd, who had waited since 1971 for a serious title, carried them over the line. Some 20,000 of those fans made the trip over to Morocco for the Club World Cup. I always suspected they were riding for a fall -- though, like most, I imagined it would come against Bayern Munich on Saturday rather than Raja Casablanca on Wednesday. Because if Atletico's attack is capable of producing more than they did in defeat, the same may not be true of their defence. Part of the explanation for their decline in form during the Libertadores was the injury suffered to central midfielder Leandro Donizete. There was nothing of Corinthians' compactness about Atletico. With solid good sense and a neat passing game, Donizete helped knit the team together. Take him out, and it looked like two teams out there on the pitch, the defensive unit miles away from the front four. Still not totally match fit, he came off the bench when Atletico were already a goal down, and the tide had turned against them. It was always likely that Bayern would be able to exploit these open spaces. Now the Bavarians will not have the chance, because Raja Casablanca got there first. In place of Corinthians' back four, lacking pace but close together to ensure defensive cover, the Atletico defensive line were all over the place. Coach Cuca’s team had no full-backs. Nominally a right-back, Marcos Rocha is more of a winger, with little notion of defensive play. And young Lucas Candido on the other flank was an improvisation. He is a midfielder by trade. With Raja continually getting into the spaces behind the full-backs, the creaking lack of mobility of Atletico's centre-backs was exposed time and time again. Captain Rever may have been slightly unfortunate with the penalty decision that went against him, the source of Raja's decisive second goal. But non-Brazilians watching must have been flummoxed to learn that he was a member of Brazil's Confederations Cup squad. A defender so vulnerable on the ground surely has no place in the World Cup 23. In this sense, perhaps Atletico's defeat has done Brazilian football a favour. But it has done the Club World Cup no favours at all. This competition will struggle for global attention as long as the gap between the Europeans and the rest is so vast. Corinthians' win last year raised hopes that better times were coming, with more of a balance between the champions of football's two traditional continents. Atletico's defeat, and the manner in which it happened, means that for the time being those hopes have been dashed.
  2. Acabou o encanto Cuca iu com Kalil. Dos técnicos disponiveis no Brasil ficaria Com Ney Frango.
  3. "Pergunta agora pro Mabide." E o maluco ainda jogou a pá de cal no galol!!!!!
  4. O que o Dante vai falar pra galera agora? Galera do Bayer toda na pilha de enfrentar o negrucho.
  5. O Galão da Massa é igual a Av. Barão H. De Melo: parece grande, mas acaba na Raja. Peadenha de minero uai kkkkkkkkkk.
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  8. Viu como se faz zenden?...apito amigo lindo desde 2000 hueheuheuehuehuehuehuehuehueuhehu.
  9. Yasuomi Umetsu

    ZUN ZUN ZUN 2014 ja comecou BOMBA

    Só falta galol dar uma mazembada hoje. Vamos galol, garanta meu domingão futebolístico sim?
  10. ​Tinha Nei Frango dando sopa por ai, queri no Corinthians.
  11. Yasuomi Umetsu


    Vasco não cai e será bi da JH me cobrem!!!!

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