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Topicão para atualizações do catálogo do Apple Arcade

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Pensei em criar esse tópico pra tentar manter atualizações do catálogo do Apple Arcade.


Jogos adicionados antes de ontem (fonte: Pocket Gamer):






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Todos os jogos do Apple Arcade, atualizados em 11/08/2020 - fonte: Pocket Gamer


Vamos lá:


A Fold Apart

Agent Intercept

Assemble With Care

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree

Ballistic Baseball

BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner

Beyond a Steel Sky

Beyond Blue

Big Time Sports

Bleak Sword

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Butter Royale

Card of Darkness


Cat Quest II

Charrua Soccer

ChuChu Rocket! Universe


Cricket Through The Ages

Crossy Road Castle

Dead End Job

Dear Reader



Dodo Peak

Don't Bug Me!

Doomsday Vault

Down in Bermuda

Dread Nautical


The Enchanted World


Exit The Gungeon

Fallen Knight

Fledgling Heroes

Frogger in Toy Town

The Get Out Kids



Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler


Hot Lava

HyperBrawl Tournament


Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

Jumper Jon

King's League II

Kings of the Castle

Legend of the Skyfish 2

Lego Brawls

Lego Builder's Journey


Little Orpheus

The Loud House: Outta Control

The Lullaby of Life

Manifold Garden

Marble It Up: Mayhem!

Mini Motorways


The Mosaic

Murder Mystery Machine



Neo Cab


Nightmare Farm

No Way Home

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Operator 41



Over the Alps


PAC-MAN Party Royale

Painty Mob



The Pinball Wizard


Projection: First Light

Punch Planet

Rayman Mini

Redout: Space Assault

Red Reign

Rosie's Reality


Sayonara Wild Hearts


Secret Oops!

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shinsekai: Into the Depths


Skate City

Sneaky Sasquatch

Sociable Soccer

Sonic Racing


Speed Demons




Spongebob SquarePants: Patty Pursuit


Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Stranded Sails

Star Fetched


Stellar Commanders

Super Impossible Road

Super Mega Mini Party

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Tales of Memo

Tangle Tower

Things That Go Bump


Towaga: Among Shadows

Towers of Everland

UFO on Tape: First Contact

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink

Various Daylife

Way of the Turtle

What the Golf

Where Cards Fall

Winding Worlds

Word Laces


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Tem os números de assinantes e outras coisas sobre o serviço?

Estou bem por fora, está fazendo sucesso?

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17 horas atrás, Ryo disse:

Tem os números de assinantes e outras coisas sobre o serviço?

 Estou bem por fora, está fazendo sucesso?


A Apple tá com a meta de 12 milhões de assinantes até o final desse ano. Ele custa 5 dólares por mês.


Considerando que ele é compatível com todo o ecossistema da Apple, pra quem já tem um Apple TV, o conjunto (controle + assinatura do Apple Arcade + Apple TV) acaba se tornando uma alternativa ao próprio Gamepass pra quem só quer jogar de leve um joguinho ou outro. Pra mim não compensaria porque não tenho um Apple TV e pelo preço de um, eu prefiro economizar pra pegar um videogame nextgen.

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Another week, another batch of Apple Arcade updates and announcements to discuss. This time around, we've only got a couple of updates to chat about, but to make up for this, we can also share some info on two of the service's upcoming releases.


You might have already heard that this week's new game is World's End Club, an intriguing action-adventure title from the minds behind Danganronpa and Zero Escape. It revolves around 12 elementary school students trapped in an underwater theme park. Also, there's a weird clown involved and some sort of Danganronpa-style murder game.

First off, we've got the two new updates to existing Apple Arcade releases.


LEGO Brawls



LEGO Brawls' latest update introduces the land of Jurassic World and the all-new Isla Nublar setting. You'll now be able to team up with a T-Rex or Indominus Rex to explore the island, collect powerups, unlock new champion Owen Grady, and hunt down rare Jurassic World minifigs released every week.


Lykke Studios' tint. has now received 10 new tricky levels to solve using your expert painting skills. New content has been added to the game's Zen mode, giving you ample opportunity to experiment with watercolour paints, and there are even some extra achievements to unlock along the way.


Now, let's focus on some of the service's upcoming games.


Marble Knights




WayForward's Marble Knights is a sword-swinging fantasy game that sees you rolling into battle alongside the Knights of the Round to defend King Rolland and his Kingdom of Roundingham from the dastardly Lord Terrorball. It's clearly got a good sense of humour, not to mention plenty of foes to smite and puzzles to solve, and the fact that it can be played with three other players makes it all the more appealing.


Slash Quest!




Noodlecake's Slash Quest! is an incoming adventure game featuring a talking sword that once belonged to a queen from a faraway land. It's your job to return the blade to its rightful owner by travelling across the land and learning how to wield this legendary weapon. You can expect to see 12 distinct levels packed with minigames, side quests, and major boss battles.


Fonte: Pocket Gamer

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