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Joycube - mais uma ideia maluca de console (Alucard hypando)

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Joyscube is a gaming system that forms unique interaction and brings you the physical and social interactivity that you have never experienced with other electronic gaming platform.  Each set of Joyscube comes with 3 cube shaped consoles. The interactive touchscreen cubes communicated wirelessly and have sensors on each of their four sides. 


Joyscube is designed to be interactive and portable itself, so that you can share the fun with your family and friends anytime at anywhere. The cubes are equipped with somatosensory technology and touch screen. The cubes will form unique interactions when moved, tilted, rotated, shaken, or placed together. 

Joyscube create new physical and social interactions and provides users with novel and entertaining gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen in the past. 


 Joyscube is equipped with Bluetooth connection. You can simply connect your Joyscube with Windows 10 PC or Android system devices through Bluetooth connection to enjoy HD gaming experience while using the cubes as controllers. 


 In addition, the Joyscube is VR compatible. You can even use LEGO bricks to build steering wheel and various controller modifications to control the cubes and have a more entertaining control experience. 


A set of Joyscube includes a base and three cubes, additional cubes can be purchased separately. Joyscube can connect up to 12 cubes and game functions expand as more cubes are added.

You can share the cubes with friends to complete the game together or choose to play against each other in a multiplayer game. 


The system comes with five games installed and more games can be downloaded from Joyscube’s official website.  Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to create and develop your own game and share it with players from all over the world. Joyscube is compatible with Sifteo’s SDK and all the Sifteo programmers can continue their development of games with Joyscube.  


This gaming platform was first developed by Sifteo, which later joined 3D Robotics and suspended project. Sifteo had open-source the cube’s firmware, compiler, SDK, and simulator and wished for future utility. 

Our team loves this new way of interaction created by Sifteo. Therefore, we decided to modify and improve the whole system and bring it back to life again.


The idea behind Joyscube is to help people return to real interaction and strengthen relationships through gaming. As people are so addicted to online virtual world, we hope with Joyscube people can find the joy in being together in real life again. 


Here are videos testing our production sample. With the success of our production sample, we are confident to deliver a high quality Joyscube to you all.


Hi, I am Mark, the CEO of Joyscube. Before owning this title, I had enjoyed my many other titles, such as geek, digital enthusiast, software engineer, testing engineer, etc. In my last job which I worked for over 7 years, I have traveled to almost 10 different countries. It gave me the opportunity to meet friends with different culture and see the differences in this AMAZING WORLD. The non-stop travel had kept me wondering what I really want for my life until I found Sifteo. This cube-shaped gaming platform is so unique and they created a special interaction that I’ve never experienced from other gaming systems before. Unfortunately, Sifteo joined 3DR in 2014 and suspended the project. After a very long period of its background & market research, I found the hope along with an opportunity to bring this unique gaming platform back to life and reappear to the user again. That’s why my good buddy Ting and I formed Joyscube. Here I’d also like to introduce my partner, Ting, the soul of Joyscube’s development and production, who had been working in the R&D department for over 10 years and is very experienced in hardware development, production management, and quality control. We aimed to upgrade this gaming platform and expend to a larger market. So are you ready? Let’s get started our most excited Joyscube’s gaming adventure! 


Risks and challenges

There are always two major challenges with Kickstarter campaigns: Production, and shipping.
We already have multiple production samples, but we still need more time and funding to produce the Joyscube at scale. Once we hit our goal, manufacturing and delivery should face minimum challenges.
We have confidence in our supply chain, but shipment can at times be tricky – issues can arise with too much demand, delaying delivery. Border customs can also cause issues, possibly resulting in a few-days delay. We will be transparent and provide updates if such issues arise.
We are ready to meet and possibly exceed our schedule.


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Sei lá, achei cansativo só de ver isso ai, nem na época do Wii eu me empolgava tanto, acho que isso é divertido em família mesmo, um novo estilo de jogos de tabuleiro. 

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