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Guerrilla Games Hiring People with Live Service Experience for Unannounced Project

What a GaaS




Guerrilla Games will be full steam ahead working on Horizon Forbidden West right now, but studios of this size usually have future plans bubbling away in the background. We've no doubt that work may have already begun on the developer's next title, and judging by a new job listing, it's possible it could go the route of live service.


A new post is currently advertising for the role of Project QA Lead, and it appears to be unrelated to Aloy's sophomore adventure. "Develop testing strategies and plans, and lead a QA team for an unannounced future project," the description reads, telling us that the studio is making plans for at least one new game.


What's most interesting is that Guerrilla wants to fill this senior position with someone familiar with GaaS, or Games as a Service. The team is recruiting somebody with "at least 3 years of experience in a Lead or supervisory role in games QA, ideally on an Online, GaaS or Live Services project". While that doesn't tell us a whole lot about this future game, it does suggest the Amsterdam studio will be exploring live service in some form with its next project.


This is as much information about the game as we have right now, so speculating on what it might be wouldn't get us very far. We do at least know that Sony has gone on the record to say it wants to improve its multiplayer offerings, so perhaps Guerrilla will re-enter this space. It does make some sense — the developer does have online multiplayer experience with its Killzone titles. We recall rumours of a multiplayer title floating around a while back.


We don't want to read too much into this, as it's only one job listing and plans may change. However, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see some GaaS elements popping up in Sony's future PS5 projects.




Tem mais é que se foderem com essa merda. Estão jogando dinheiro fora investindo em contratações para essa porra desde 2019. Deviam usar esses caras que já contrataram para tentar arrumar o que precisa em um Killzone convencional com foco na campanha single.  


Guerrilla Games Hiring for Multiplayer Project Headed by Rainbow Six Siege Director


Vou adorar ver esse barco dos multiplayers/Gaas afundar como um bloco de concreto na água. 


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aquele jogo anunciado no reveal do PS5 foi adiado, capcom fez um video fofo pra pedir desculpas



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PlayStation 5 owners prefer boxed games to downloads

For the PS5's first ten months, GSD data shows three physical titles were sold for every two digital


PlayStation fans across Europe and beyond heavily favour retail for their game purchases, with more than ten million boxed games sold in the console's first ten months on sale.


The figure comes from Global Sales Data's presentation at GI Live: London last month, where the firm's video games consultant Sam Naji took a deeper look at the console's cumulative sales from its launch in November 2020 to the end of August 2021.


GSD tracks full-game boxed sales from 23 countries and digital sales from 49 and covers all the major publishers.


The company found that retail has consistently outsold digital, with 51% more boxed games sold than downloads by the end of August.


November 2020 was the only month where full-game downloads have outperformed retail sales at 950,000 units compared to 840,000. After this, PS5's retail games have consistently outsold digital every month.


And the gap has widened over time. In December 2020, five retail games were sold for every four downloads. By the end of August, this had increased to three boxed games for ever two digital.


In total, 10.14 million boxed games were sold for PS5 between launch and end of August. December, January, June, July and August all saw more than one million games sold within the month.

Meanwhile, 7.51 million digital games were sold during the same period -- and no single month saw more than one million sales.




The highest performing months for digital game sales were December and January at 870,000 each. But this falls short of retail's lowest performing month, with 880,000 sales sold in March.


Given the increasing shift to digital purchases across the industry, Naji offered four factors that may explain why PS5 owners prefer box games to downloads.


Firstly, the high price tag for new PS5 titles -- around $70 -- means consumers prefer to invest in a physical item. This is combined with his second point: that console owners like to build a physical library of games for their new device.


Naji also pointed to the ability to sell and lend boxed games as a factor, before adding that download sales typically favour back catalogue titles. Since the PlayStation 5 is only a year old, there is not an extensive digital catalogue of past releases to choose from.



Cade Hoel? :lolmor: Na verdade o principal motivo é que jogo parado na prateleira e antigo sempre baixa de preço. Está caro pagar $70 (claro que está...) ou mesmo $60 Bidens em um jogo? É só esperar ele "pousar" no barracão/gondola de promo da Americanas ou online no Submarino que ainda dá para "trucar" com um cupom e conseguir até cashback. :lolmor:


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Em 18/11/2021 em 02:34, Cyco disse:

aquele jogo anunciado no reveal do PS5 foi adiado, capcom fez um video fofo pra pedir desculpas



pow mano, com um pedido de desculpas assim eu fico até de boa em esperar hahahaha
Ideia genial.

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Vazaram os jogos da plus de Dezembro:


Godfall (ps5, ps4)

Mortal Shell (ps4)

Lego DC Supervillains (ps4)


Se confirmarem tá bom, sempre quis testar o Mortal Shell


O Godfall deve estar apostando nessa pra ganhar uma sobrevida, parece que vão lançar ele na plus junto com um update

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Rumor: BioShock 4 Could Be A PS5 Exclusive

According to an industry insider, there's a chance that the upcoming BioShock 4 video game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5.




When the original BioShock game launched in 2007, it was an Xbox 360 console exclusive. The OG BioShock eventually made its way to other platforms, though, and future entries in the series were multi-plat right off the bat. However, a new rumor suggests that the upcoming BioShock 4 game may be returning the franchise to its timed-exclusive ways, as it seems the game may wind up being a PlayStation 5 exclusive.


According to the Xbox Era podcast, as spotted by DualShockers, it's possible that BioShock 4 will be a PS5 exclusive, either timed or fully. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt, though it is worth pointing out that some legitimate leaks have come from Xbox Era and its hosts in the past. Regardless, if this is true, it will likely prove to be a controversial decision on the part of 2K Games, as BioShock fans on Xbox will likely be upset.


But fans shouldn't get too worked up just yet. It's true that Sony has penned a variety of timed-exclusivity deals for the PlayStation 5 with third parties, as evident by Final Fantasy 16's PS5 exclusivity and others, but it's always possible that Xbox Era's information is off. It's also possible that this deal isn't even in the works at all. Since so little is known about BioShock 4 at this point, fans should just standby for more official information.



Beyond the fact that BioShock 4 is being developed by Cloud Chamber, there is pretty much next to nothing that's known about the game. There's been plenty of speculation at what it might entail and if it will be returning to previous settings like Rapture or Columbia, but nothing concrete has been shown to date. However, some BioShock 4 job listings have potentially revealed a few details about what fans can expect from the game.


According to job listings, it seems BioShock 4 will have more RPG elements, with a Fallout-style dialogue system. Other job listings suggest that BioShock 4 may even be an open world game, which would be quite the departure from previous entries that, while having open environments for players to explore, were still very linear in nature. And of course, plenty of things can change during game development, and so it's always possible that these particular aspects of BioShock 4 won't make it into the final product, so fans should keep that in mind.


Something less likely to change, though, is the engine that BioShock 4 is being built with. Job listings point to BioShock 4 using Unreal Engine 5, which means that the game will likely be skipping PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though that was expected anyway. Ultimately, fans will need to wait for an official reveal of BioShock 4 before they can truly know what to expect from the game.


BioShock 4 is in development for unspecified platforms.



Sony could be planning a PlayStation mobile controller, patent suggests





Sony Interactive Entertainment has patented what appears to be a PlayStation controller designed for mobile gaming.


The patent, which was published this week by SIE’s Japanese division, describes a system for playing games on a device coupled with two controller grips.


The controller, which resembles PS4’s DualShock 4 rather than PS5’s newer DualSense, is described as “a left side grip portion and a right side grip portion gripped by the left and right hands of the user”.


According to the patent, the included drawings of the device omit “a shaft portion that can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilting direction and tilting amount of the shaft portion.”


If such a device comes to fruition, it could be used in conjunction with a smart phone to play PlayStation games via Remote Play or via the cloud, similar to how third-party controller grips can currently be used to play streamed Xbox games.


PlayStation controllers are already compatible with mobile devices via Bluetooth.


The patent arrives amid a fresh push into mobile gaming by the PlayStation maker.


In October SIE appointed former Apple Arcade content boss Nicola Sebastiani to lead the company’s mobile operations, following job ads that stated it was opening a new business unit to adapt its “most popular franchises” for mobile.




The following month, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirmed the platform holder was planning to bring some of its “iconic IP” to mobile during its current business year ending in March 2022.


“We have been thinking about how players enjoy our content and have had some early success with experimenting with mobile games and apps to provide more choice to gamers,” he said. “Mobile is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms.


“PlayStation has a huge catalogue of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.”


Recently it was confirmed that classic PlayStation racing franchise WipEout is returning in the form of a new mobile game.


Set for release on iOS and Android devices in early 2022, WipEout Rush is a card-based racer featuring a single-player campaign and 60 ships from the original games.

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Lembrando que os celulares topo de linha da Sony hoje (Xperia 1 iii e Xperia Pro-I) são todos aspect ratio 21:9


E a tela de encaixe desse controle móbile lembra pra kct um aspect ratio de 21:9



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Gran Turismo 7 Racing Wheel by Fanatec Starts at $700, Pre-orders Open Now

The official Direct Drive Wheel for Gran Turismo has been unveiled, and promises "the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations."




Gran Turismo 7 is looking to become the ultimate racing sim out there when it launches next year, promising realism, authenticity, and mechanical depth and tightness the way this series has always been known to offer. Of course, for the racing sim fanatics out there, the best (and perhaps the only) way of playing one of these games is with a steering wheel accessory- and a mighty impressive one has been announced for Polyphony Digital and Sony’s upcoming racer.


Fanatec has unveiled the Gran Turismo Direct Drive Pro, which is the first officially licensed drive wheel accessory to be announced for the PS5 yet (though it will also work with PC and Xbox consoles)- and as it’s name suggests, goes hand-in-hand with the upcoming GT7. Offering 5Nm of torque (with its base model) and promising “the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback sensations”, it certainly looks like a monstrous piece of kit, while aesthetically, it’s got plenty going for it, especially with an LED strip to brighten things up. Check out the trailer below for more details.


The price for the wheel starts at $699.95, but goes up to $969.85 for the best and costliest model. Meanwhile, pre-orders are now live as well.


Gran Turismo 7 launches for PS5 and PS4 on


Troco de pinga! 


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o Godfall da plus não é o jogo completo, não tem a campanha e é praticamente uma beta glorificada, pessoal tá xingando muito no twitter


já não tava muito interessado nele, agora então...



Bloomberg: rumores que um novo modelo de assinatura vai ser lançado no Playstation, deram o codenome 'spartacus' e deve entrar em vigor depois do inverno por lá



The service, which will likely be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, is expected to launch in spring 2022, and will reportedly merge the existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscription plans.

According to the documents reviewed by Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to keep the PlayStation Plus name, but phase out PlayStation Now.

While the details may not be finalized, “Spartacus” documentation outlines a three-tier service:

First Tier – Includes existing PlayStation Plus benefits.

Second Tier – Includes a large catalog of PlayStation 4 and, eventually, PlayStation 5 titles.

Third Tier – Includes extended demos, game streaming, and a library of classic PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP games.

People familiar with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s plans also told Bloomberg the company is expanding its efforts in cloud gaming.

A representative for Sony Interactive Entertainment did not immediately respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment.


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Em comemoração aos 20 anos do ICO, o estúdio do Ueda divulgou um vídeo do protótipo do jogo para o PS1.



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Em 03/12/2021 em 16:45, Cyco disse:

Bloomberg: rumores que um novo modelo de assinatura vai ser lançado no Playstation, deram o codenome 'spartacus' e deve entrar em vigor depois do inverno por lá

Hahahaha. Te juro, tinha até feito uma listinha de jogos que estava considerando jogar no GamePass e pegar um Series S até o Natal


Mas agora vou esperar pra ver qual vai ser o do GamePass da Plus.


Esse esquema à lá GamePass é uma maravilha pra quem quer jogar RPGs não-AAA. Scarlet Nexus, Astria Ascending, Octopath Traveler, nossa… tem muitos que quero jogar.

Além de Jogos PS1 e PS2 com troféus, sim por favor, sim por favor, sim por favor hahahahahahaha


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Vem Jak and Daxter novo!








The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Anniversary Edition PS5 Loads Faster & Boasts Higher Resolution Than Xbox Series X




Pixel wizards Digital Foundry have put The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim – Anniversary Edition through its paces on PS5 and Xbox Series X, with a detailed performance test revealing the fantasy-RPG performs slightly better on Sony’s console.


For starters, the PS5 version of Skyrim Anniversary Edition runs at a fixed 4K resolution of 3840×2160, whereas the Xbox Series X edition runs at dynamic 4K. In addition, the PS5 version of Skyrim Anniversary Edition also boasts slightly faster load times, which is a bonus.



 Será que cola dizer que a Sony está pagando a Bethesda para prejudicar o Xbox?  Acho que não dá mais para usar essa. :lolmor:


This PS5 Pro Concept Art & Video Looks Fantastic 




The folks at LetsGoDigital have published a stunning piece of concept art and video footage for the PS5 Pro, Sony’s expected mid-cycle refresh of its flagship home console. The artwork was created by Jermaine Smit, and can be seen below.


Sony hasn’t announced the PS5 Pro yet, although given the company’s history with PS4 Pro, it’s expected that the format holder will go down a similar path for the PS5. Going back even further, Sony has obviously released ‘slim’ versions of its consoles, dating all the way back to the PSOne.



Sony announced recently that the PS5 has shipped 13.4 million units worldwide since its launch in November 2020. The console is still suffering from widespread supply issues due to a shortage of semiconductors, something which is also plaguing the Xbox Series X/S.


Next year will see the release of a number of key PS5 titles including God of War Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West.



Serviu para me fazer achar o modelo atual bonito. :lolmor: 


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Pergunta inocente mesmo: o quão confiável são essas lojas que brotam no Insta vendendo PS5 com leitor por 3600? Óbvio que se for real, é contrabando... mas tem chances de ser real?

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30 minutos atrás, Lucs disse:

Pergunta inocente mesmo: o quão confiável são essas lojas que brotam no Insta vendendo PS5 com leitor por 3600? Óbvio que se for real, é contrabando... mas tem chances de ser real?


Deve ser tão confiável quanto aquelas vendendo TV 4K 60 por 1,500 Bozos :lolmor: Tirando a zoeira, se você já estiver disposto a comprar acredito que é melhor você esperar uma promo de loja confiável/conhecida como Amazon, MagaLu e Submarino como a maioria do pessoal por aqui fez, Lucs.


R$ 3,600 é uma quantia considerável mesmo em promo para arriscar nesses anúncios de face, insta, etc... Mesmo que escape de um golpe as vezes informações que você coloca em um site desses vale muito para criminoso (principalmente estelionatário), fora saberem que você dispõe dessa quantia para usar (muitas vezes a vista/1x no boleto/cartão como algumas lojas pedem pela "oferta"). Informação hoje em dia vale mais que ouro, basta ver o que próprio Facebook e Google fazem, é e nisso que muita gente que entra nessas roubadas não se atenta. Pergunte para alguém que trabalha com TI para você ver só. 


A tentativa de golpe nunca é totalmente perdida pelo criminoso digital, pode apostar nisso.   

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Com o console em falta e muita demanda, eu duvidaria de preços baixos se comparados com as lojas mais conhecidas.


O ideal é pesquisar sobre a loja e perguntar aqui para ver se alguém já comprou nela. Houve um monte de golpes na black fraude.

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É bem tentador os preços, mas tenho 0,0001% de coragem de comprar nelas. Só se fosse na loja fisica e olhe lá, mas como não sou de SP, ai nem rola.

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Cuidado, chapa… às vezes o console (semi-novo - cuidado com o “só foi aberto pra conferir”) pode estar em perfeito estado, mas pode ter sido banido da PSN por abuso daquelas coisas de baixar jogos como conta secundária de nego vendendo jogo no Mercado Livre. 


Ai, nesse caso, você só conseguiria usar o console offline, sem nunca se conectar na PSN e só Mídia Física 


Pra algumas pessoas pode até valer a pena ainda (!), mas em face de que a Sony tá pra lançar o GamePass dela, não vale nem fodendo


Agora, se for 3600 LACRADO, aí nem pense duas vezes. É golpe na certa. Ngm joga produto com demanda altíssima no mercado por caridade, não.



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já vieram com slim e pro parece ar condicionado so falta vir com o esquema para prender na parede


alias nao e o topco da ms mas parece que ja tem um projeto ai para um novo series s que teria drive e acho que seria melhorado em alguns aspectos 1 tera e mais qualidade nos graficos. Nao duvido de acontecer

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Vai ser engraçado ver o Dimitris tentar justificar a emulação do PS3 no PS5 caso a Sony disponibilize os jogos de PS3 para download e uso local (emulação do PS3), ou fizer como a MS na época do One e do nada chegar e dizer: " Tá ai cambada. Baixem o novo firmware, coloquem seus discos de PS3 no PS5, joguem e parem de encher o saco com essa porra de preservação de jogos. Dorme com essa ai Phil". :lolmor: 


Não que eu ainda acredite que vá acontecer isso. O objetivo era desde o inicio matar as loja dos consoles antigos para oferecer tudo novamente no novo serviço, exatamente como eu havia dito naquela ocasião. 


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