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A new Nintendo Direct is expected this month





A Nintendo Direct broadcast is expected to take place within the next few weeks.


That’s according to previously reliable leaker Zippo, who updated a blog post this week to claim that the platform holder’s next product broadcast would likely take place within the next two weeks.

“This will reportedly focus on their remaining lineup for this year and will give us peeks at early 2022 games,” they added.


Looking at the historical data, the leaker’s claims look like a safe bet: Nintendo has held a Direct during the first two weeks of September in each of the last five years.


Even during 2020, when the company famously did not hold a single ‘full’ Direct broadcast due to disruption caused by the pandemic, it still published a bumper Super Mario 35th anniversary stream on September 3.


On Tuesday, Nintendo studio Monolith announced that it will be taking its website offline for maintenance on Tuesday, September 8, leading to speculation that it could be related to an announcement.


It was recently reported that Xenoblade 3 is in development at the company and could be revealed during this calendar year.


Since 2013, Nintendo has streamed regular Nintendo Direct presentations to update consumers on its product plans. In recent years, it’s complimented its big digital events with smaller streams focused on individual titles such as Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Smash Bros.


Last summer, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa reaffirmed its commitment to the Direct model, telling investors that it believes the live-streamed presentations are still an effective means of communication.




“We feel Nintendo Directs are an incredibly effective way to present information directly to our customers in a very straight-forward way,” Furukawa said.


“Inversely, times change and so does the most effective way to promote products, so there is a chance that a new, better way to present this information comes about. So we always like to examine all of the possible ways to communicate this information to customers.”


In Nintendo’s last full Direct held in June, the company announced Metroid Dread, a new Advance Wars title, a new instalment in the WarioWare franchise, and concluded with the first look at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 since its announcement two years ago.



Tomara que se confirme, e ambos os eventos da Sony e Nintendo passem novamente por cima da MS como um trator em anúncios de jogos e números de views. Vou rir muito. :lolmor:

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Nintendo Changed The Culture At Retro Studios Following Metroid Prime Crunch

Mike Wikan reckons Prime 4 "will be great"




Thanks to a recent interview on Reece Reilly's Kiwi Talkz podcast, today has brought some rather interesting details around Retro Studios and Nintendo. We've had the humorous tale of how the blowing mechanic was added to Donkey Kong Country Returns, and some interesting insight into the development of Metroid Prime Trilogy. These nuggets have been given by Mike Wikan, who used to work at the studio and played a key role in various major projects.


Another interesting segment, to us, was a discussion around crunch at Retro Studios. It's an important topic in the industry, of course, and it's also no secret that extended hours and unreasonable working conditions have been a prominent issue around various companies.  :rolleyes:


Wikan notably shuts down stories that Nintendo enforced any unreasonable deadlines on the studio for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and highlighted how the company stepped in when it realised there was a serious issue after completion of the first game. The decision to move forward with Echoes in its eventual form was a change of heart from the parent company, though the 'dark and light' mechanic enabled the team to work smartly and use rooms twice, for example.


" After Metroid Prime 1 we rarely crunched, we had a change of leadership between 1 and 2...


We had some crunch (in 2) but it wasn't the nine month death march that we had at the end of Prime 1. That was the worst.


I had two times where I was there 48 hours straight with one hour of sleep, and then a couple of 36 hour days, for the last nine months we were there pretty much 24/7...


At the end of that time everyone was ready to quit, we were like "we're done". I had two job offers from two different companies, and to their credit Nintendo realised what was going on and took over the company, bought it out. They put Michael Kelbaugh in charge. He's a sweetheart, real good, he was head of Nintendo's QA department. He said "guys, give me a few weeks to turn it around. And he did".


... He restored faith in leadership and in the company. I loved working for Nintendo."



Michael Kelbaugh is still President and CEO of Retro Studios, and had worked at Nintendo for over 14 years at the time of his appointment. Later in the interview Wikan briefly touched on his plans to play Metroid Prime 4, the long delayed project that was initially being made elsewhere before Nintendo reversed course and gave it to Retro Studios. He has confidence that the current team will deliver.


"And Metroid 4 will be great. A lot of the core designers on the team are guys who were there when I was. They understand, they understand what a Metroid game is."


Nintendo has been known to delay some projects to avoid overworking teams, citing a need to care for its employees when it originally pushed back Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as one example. Metroid Prime 4, of course, has no meaningful release window at this time, so the project's reboot is clearly being given plenty of time.



Jason Scrying na porta de Retro Studios agora:





Ele já deve estar atrás do contato do cara para saber se ele tem mais algum detalhe que ficou de fora sobre essa historia de "crunch" na Retro? Tipo alguma "alegação vaga" de discriminação, bullying ou talvez assedio? 




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"...nos últimos jogos as naves pareciam mais caixas de sapato mal modeladas em alta velocidade..." - Lulu  :lolmor:


Editado por Marcelo Roffer
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Platinum wants to bring Star Fox Zero to Switch





PlatinumGames has said it’s open to bringing Wii U title Star Fox Zero to Nintendo Switch.


Released in 2016 for Wii U, Star Fox Zero was co-developed by Platinum and Nintendo’s own EPD team, with Mario designer Shigeru Miyamoto overseeing the project.


Five years after its original release, Zero remains one of the only major Wii U titles yet to be ported over to Nintendo’s latest console. As one of the more divisive Nintendo releases of recent years, it could also benefit more than most from a remaster.


Speaking to VGC this week, Platinum’s studio head Atsushi Inaba said that if Nintendo was interested, the developer would “definitely” be interested in considering a new version of Zero. However, any potential changes would be up to Mr. Miyamoto



Asked if Platinum would be interested in a Switch port of Star Fox Zero, Inaba said: “It’s unfortunate that people aren’t able to play older games because they’re locked out of the platform, so of course if  possible we’d like to bring over any of those older titles to the newer platforms.


“It kind of depends on what’s in the realm of actual possibility, but yes, if the chance came up it’s definitely something we’d like to think about.”


Most of the criticism of Zero was targeted at its complicated control scheme, which had players dividing their attention between the TV and Gamepad.


A potential Switch port, which would need to work in Portable mode on a single screen, would presumably remove this controversial element. However, Inaba stressed that all design decisions would need to be led by Nintendo.


“The important thing to remember there is that because it’s Nintendo’s IP, the ideas are coming from Miyamoto-san himself,” he said. We have to respect what Miyamoto-san wants to do.


“Of course, at that time there was a lot of discussion between Platinum and Nintendo, but if the opportunity came up to bring Star Fox Zero to the Switch again it would be more of a question of what he would like to do in that opportunity, and of course we would respect that again.”




Asked if giving feedback to someone as prestigious as Mr. Miyamoto was difficult, Inaba said:


“Actually, Yusuke Hashimoto, who was working on Star Fox as director at the time, but he’s no longer with [PlatinumGames], he was probably the one who had the most trouble taking the ideas to Mr. Miyamoto, because aside from how he is personally, he is a giant in the industry and somebody who a lot of creators look up to. So, it takes a lot of courage or anyone to go to him with ideas or feedback.”


Nintendo has actively made Wii U ports a part of its software strategy for Switch. Although Wii U hardware sold poorly at just 13.5m units, it hosted a strong line-up of critically-acclaimed first-party software which has so far thrived when given a second chance with Switch’s larger audience.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – a version of the 2014 Wii U game with additional characters – is Switch’s best-selling game to date with an impressive 37 million units sold as of June 2021.


Meanwhile, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 have also been ported to Switch in recent years.



Tragam! É mandar Miyamoto ir tomar no cu dele com aquele porra que ele inventou de enfiar no jogo, colocar o gameplay clássico dos títulos anteriores e correr para o abraço. Tem tudo para vender bem e ser melhor aceito que a versão de WiiU, assim como aconteceu agora com Zelda SS HD no NS. 


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Platinum says it’s ‘proud’ of Bayonetta 3 and ‘wants to show it’





PlatinumGames has provided an update on Bayonetta 3 development as the wait continues for a public reveal, and told fans: “there’s no need to worry”.


The Nintendo-published action sequel was first announced via a brief teaser at The Game Awards in December 2017, but nothing has been seen of it since.


Earlier this year series creator Hideki Kamiya appeared to tease a reveal for the game sometime this year. But with three months of 2021 now remaining, he remained coy when asked by VGC this week about a potential showing before Christmas.


He said: “It was more of a not definitely ‘something will come out this year’, but if there is a year, then something should happen, right?


“If you remember last time, I said that even though everyone was asking about Bayonetta 3, maybe you should tell everyone to forget about it for a while. I kind of need to keep to that stance for now because ultimately, it’s not our decision what to say and when to say it.”


PlatinumGames’ studio head Atsushi Inaba added: “There’s no need to worry. Don’t worry about it at this time. Everything’s OK.”


With nearly four years having passed since Bayonetta 3’s 2017 announcement, Nintendo was forced to insist in June that the game is still in development and making good progress.

Kamiya told VGC that the game’s development team is as eager as its fans to show Bayonetta 3 publicly, but stressed that the decision is up to publisher Nintendo.


“As much as everyone is clamouring to see it, we are really, really waiting to release it too,” he said. “Everyone who is working on the project is of course very proud of what we’re doing and wants everyone to see what we’re doing.


“As much as fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it. We want everyone to cheer us on as we run to the final stretch. We want to show it too!”


Asked in 2019 if the lengthy silence surrounding Bayonetta 3 was indicative of Platinum’s grand ambitions for it, studio head Atsushi Inaba told VGC: “Yes, it’s going to be a high quality title and we’re putting our all into it,” Inaba said. “That is what you’re seeing [with the silence].”


Inaba previously revealed that Platinum was trying to move away from “an orthodox development process” with Bayonetta 3.


In addition to Bayonetta 3, Platinum is working on Project G.G., the action game featuring a giant hero described as the “climax” to Kamiya’s superhero trilogy, following Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.



Platinum: Tá tudo bem com Bayonetta 3 mas não vamos mostrar nada não... #SÓCONFIA :lolmor:


É a Platinum e eles não cagaram nem no primeiro nem no segundo jogo mas, depois de todo esse tempo sem nada sobre o jogo e depois do que mostraram em Babylon's Fall não fica fácil acreditar que está tudo tranquilo. Tem mais:


Bayonetta’s voice actor hints that she might not be returning





The voice actor behind Bayonetta has hinted that she might not be returning to play the character in the upcoming third game.


British actor Hellena Taylor has voiced the PlatinumGames action star in every one of her video game appearances so far, including cameos in Super Smash Bros. and Anarchy Reigns.


However, responding to a fan on Twitter this weekend who said they couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without Taylor’s voice, the actor responded: “Well you might have to.”


old by another fan that Bayonetta would be “nothing without you”, Taylor replied: “I so wanna answer that one but I’m bound by confidentiality agreement.”


Last week developer PlatinumGames provided a development update to VGC on Bayonetta 3, as the game approaches four years since its December 2017 announcement.


Earlier this year series creator Hideki Kamiya appeared to tease a reveal for the game sometime this year. But with three months of 2021 now remaining, he remained coy when asked by VGC last week about a potential showing before Christmas.



He said: “It was more of a not definitely ‘something will come out this year’, but if there is a year, then something should happen, right?


“If you remember last time, I said that even though everyone was asking about Bayonetta 3, maybe you should tell everyone to forget about it for a while. I kind of need to keep to that stance for now because ultimately, it’s not our decision what to say and when to say it.”


PlatinumGames’ studio head Atsushi Inaba added: “There’s no need to worry. Don’t worry about it at this time. Everything’s OK.”


With nearly four years having passed since Bayonetta 3’s 2017 announcement, Nintendo was forced to insist in June that the game is still in development and making good progress.



O jogo já está anunciado, assim sendo não sei o que ela ganharia dizendo que não está nele ou deixando em aberto. Embora, muitas empresas sejam cheias de clausulas e frescuras quanto a esse tipo de coisa (principalmente a Nintendo). Mas pode ser um sinal de que o jogo não está mesmo muito adiantado no desenvolvimento e não possuem sequer uma perspectiva de iniciar o voice casting para os artistas.  


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Nintendo confirms a Switch price cut is now rolling out in Europe





Nintendo has officially cut the price of the standard Nintendo Switch console in Europe.


As VGC reported last week, the new price adopted by retailers appears to be €269.99 (down from €329.99) in Europe and £259.99 (down from £279.99) in the UK. However, since Nintendo does not set an official RRP in Europe, these prices could yet fall further.


In comparison, the Nintendo Switch Lite currently retails for around £199.99 / €200 and the upcoming OLED model will retail for around £309.99/ €349.99.


Currently, the cheaper Nintendo Switch is available to purchase via the official Nintendo Store, Amazon UK and Amazon France. We’ll update this article as more retailers adjust their pricing.


In a statement issued to VGC, Nintendo UK said it had adjusted the distribution price of the standard Nintendo Switch partly in preparation for the launch of the OLED model next month.


“Nintendo of Europe is changing the European trade price of the Nintendo Switch console to retailers,” it confirmed.


“More than four and a half years after its first release, Nintendo Switch continues to have strong sales momentum in Europe. After carefully weighing up a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, we decided that now was the appropriate time to change the European trade price of Nintendo Switch.


“The trade prices of Nintendo Switch Lite and the upcoming Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are not affected. The final price to consumers is determined by retailers. As a guide, we recommend that consumers check with local retailers to find out their prices.”


It added: “We made the price change before the launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model so that the price differences between each model in Nintendo’s own retail channel, My Nintendo Store, would be what Nintendo judges to be appropriate for its own store.”


Nintendo recently reported that shipments for the entire Switch family of systems had fallen 21.7% year-on-year.


While sales of the flagship Switch are actually up year-on-year, Switch Lite sales have declined compared 2020 when Nintendo had “relatively plentiful inventories for Europe and North America and unit sales were high”.




Switch launched in March 2017, Switch Lite released in September 2019, and a new Nintendo Switch model with an OLED display will launch on October 8, 2021.


Nintendo said last month that Switch had sold-in (shipped) 89.04 million units as of June 30, 2021. The platform has now topped lifetime PS3 shipments (87.4 million), having surpassed lifetime Xbox 360 shipments (84 million) earlier this year.


Switch is closing in on Nintendo’s best-selling home console to date, Wii, which ushered in an era of motion controls and family gaming when it launched in 2006 before going on to ship 101.63 million units.



E assim que os estoques do modelo antigo (que já estavam baixos como Matt Piscatela cansou de mostrar em relatórios) terminarem, ai já era para esse modelo. Fica no mercado só o modelo Oled e o Lite.


Não tem motivo para a Nintendo continuar a produzir um modelo que ele já descontinuou partes como o Dock na própria Europa, uma vez que para ela produzir o modelo Oled que usa o mesmo SoC ela gasta só $10 Bidens a mais e lucra $50. :lolmor:


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E depois de "SÓ" 4 anos, me vem a Nintendo com algo básico para aparelhos do tipo (embora eu prefira conexão de audio via cabo, não tem desculpa para a Nintendo pois até a porra do Vita já tinha...) e que devia estar habilitado no aparelho no "máximo" alguns meses depois do lançamento (falta de pedido dos usuários não foi).




E ainda nem é lá essas coisas no modelo antigo. No Oled deve ser melhor pois, se não me falha a memoria, a atualização do modulo bluetooth era parte da nova patente/especificações do sistema. Quem tiver algum fone bluetooth mais recente teste ai para ver qual é. 


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Hasss branquela fake vc era morena .. hass vai enganar fabuloso  leona te conheço. 

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Paladina rejogando Amalur porra haja tempo :lolmor:

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Em 19/09/2021 em 14:22, Reirom disse:

Hasss branquela fake vc era morena .. hass vai enganar fabuloso  leona te conheço. 

Você é daltônico, Rei? Continuo morena, mesma cor de pele. Logicamente lulu dá uma curtida no post idiota do Rei.


@Alucardcurta minha coleção. Não vendi nenhum sofá pra comprar. :huahua:

Editado por Sailor Paladina
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14 horas atrás, psg1 disse:

Paladina rejogando Amalur porra haja tempo :lolmor:

Tava querendo um motivo pra rejogar mesmo. E vai sair expansão nova e tal. :reibr:

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Here’s the first look at Nintendo Switch’s OLED model ‘in the wild’





Nintendo’s new Switch OLED model went on public display for the first time in Japan on Friday, offering the first chance to see the revision outside of promotional shots.


Switch OLED Model is currently on display in Nintendo’s Tokyo retail store and some electronics chains such as Yodobashi Camera, and Japan-based social media users have already started to share their pictures of the console.


Although the images below aren’t going to do justice to the new Switch’s OLED screen – which is able to display deeper blacks and higher contrast than a standard display – they represent the first time the console’s updated design and new dock have been seen outside of promotional images.


When media outlets including VGC went hands-on with the Switch OLED model last month, photography of the device was not allowed to be shared.


The new Switch model will release on October 8 (the same day as Metroid Dread) in two colour sets (white and red/blue) for $349.99.



Switch OLED features a larger 7-inch screen and other smaller additions such as a wide adjustable stand, a new dock and enhanced audio. Nintendo has confirmed that its new Switch OLED model features “no major internal changes” compared to previous Switch models.


We wrote in our hands-on with Switch OLED that the revision “feels like a striking improvement compared to the original Switch model – as long as you like playing in portable mode”.


“Playing Mario Odyssey side-by-side with an original Switch reveals far more detail on scenery like grass and water on the newer model, while the latter overall looks totally washed out compared to the newer unit. As far as the screen goes, it’s really no contest between the two Switch models”.


Our hands-on continues: “Another pleasant surprise from our hands-on with Switch OLED model were the small improvements Nintendo has made to make it feel like an overall more premium device.




“The screen, beyond looking fantastic, now pretty much fills the bezel and what little does surround the display now sports a pleasing glossy finish, as opposed to the cheap looking plastic of the original Switch.


“The rear of the Switch OLED is also far smarter, with the previous model’s mess of logos removed and replaced with a smart-looking wider stand (more on that in a moment). The aesthetic improvements also extend to Switch OLED’s new white coloured dock, which certainly looks nicer than its predecessor.”


Nintendo recently released a statement claiming that the company has “no plans” “at this time” for an additional Switch model beyond OLED, as speculation continues around a 4K-capable ‘Switch Pro’.


Já tá quase na rua.


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31 minutos atrás, Sailor Paladina disse:

Você é daltônico, Rei? Continuo morena, mesma cor de pele. Logicamente lulu dá uma curtida no post idiota do Rei.


@Alucardcurta minha coleção. Não vendi nenhum sofá pra comprar. :huahua:

mas ele tem razao, nessa foto e uma moca de pele bem clarinha


nao vende sofa mas vende packs ?

ta mais que certa




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2 horas atrás, Sailor Paladina disse:

Tava querendo um motivo pra rejogar mesmo. E vai sair expansão nova e tal. :reibr:




Games included in this Collection:

  • Disney’s Aladdin: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Final Cut: Sega Mega Drive
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Demo Version: Sega Mega Drive
  • Disney’s Aladdin – Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive
  • Disney The Lion King: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
  • Disney The Lion King – Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive
  • Disney The Jungle Book: SNES, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive



Editado por psg1
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Em 16/09/2021 em 13:19, Marcelo Roffer disse:



sera que e o do nintendo 64? ai vem o update no switch online para o n64... hipotese


ta faltando os mickeys nssa coletanea da disney e quackshot... esse mereceia uma releitura


alias todos

Editado por DanDan
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Nintendo could re-release Metroid Prime 1 for Switch without ‘Trilogy’ games, it’s claimed





A Nintendo insider has claimed that the company is working on a re-release of Metroid Prime for Switch, separate from any potential Trilogy plans.


Emily Rogers, an industry insider with a long track record of accurate Nintendo information, stated on Twitter Wednesday: “Last I heard, Nintendo was busy working on Metroid Prime 1 to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary in 2022.


“I’m not sure if we’re getting a ‘trilogy’ or just a re-release of the first game. I’m leaning toward the latter, but I hope we get the former.”


Rogers’ claim is seemingly at odds with regularly reported claims that Nintendo has prepared a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD for the Switch.


VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb said in July that the Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster for Nintendo Switch has already finished development and is awaiting release.


Grubb said Nintendo was holding off the release and announcement partly due to restricted QA resources during the pandemic, and possibly to align it more closely with the release of Metroid Prime 4.


The Wii version of Metroid Prime Trilogy, which added Wii remote aiming controls to the first two games, was released in 2009.


A former Retro Studios design lead who worked on the Metroid Prime trilogy recently said he was sceptical that all the Prime games would be ported to Nintendo Switch.


Mike Wilkan, who was a design lead on all three Prime games before leaving Retro some years later, made the comments on Facebook. The designer’s scepticism involves the complexity of translating the third Metroid Prime game’s Wii motion controls to Switch’s standard setup, which he said would require “a herculean effort”.


Nintendo is planning to release Metroid Dread, the series’ first mainline 2D instalment in nearly 20 years, on Nintendo Switch this October.


And in 2019 Nintendo announced that it had decided to “restart development from the beginning” for Metroid Prime 4, with producer Kensuke Tanabe calling in Retro to take over the project from its original, unannounced developer. Retro has been hiring for Metroid Prime 4 ever since.



Se for verdade, é melhor mesmo assim do que fazer aquela putaria que fez com Mario 3D All Stars, que ainda foi incompleto (sem Mario Galaxy 2). Lança do mesmo jeito que fez agora com Zelda SS HD e já tá valendo, afinal, com a Nintendo é o velho " My way or the highway"... não adianta esperar pelo melhor. O foda é se for cobrar $60 Bidens por isso....


Bom mesmo (e certo) seria lançar a trilogia sem putaria de disponibilidade por tempo limitado. Vai ver vão fazer o mesmo que com Zelda SS e adicionar um modo sem uso de controle de movimentos em Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Vai ser uma boa pedida para quem se afastou de mais esse jogo por conta disso e, também para quem prefere o sistema de controle convencional dos 2 jogos anteriores.  


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