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Em 18/07/2021 em 18:18, qqt disse:

Eu tenho um ódio monumental de "jogo com começo arrastado". Meu amigo, eu tenho zilhões de jogos que já começam a mil por hora, aí algumas developers acham que a porra do jogo é tipo um vinho com maitre, que eu tenho que ouvir explicação de 3 horas antes de dar um gole :lolmor:


Twilight Princess eu tentei 3x e fiquei 5 horas pra sair da porra da primeira área, mandei tomar no cu tranquilo fácil. Skyward Sword foi no mesmo nível, mas foi uma vez só, por isso to dando essa chance. Mas dou graças a deus que esse período negro dos videogames com tutoriais pra gente mongol e inícios de 20 horas pra aparecer o título do jogo ficaram pra trás. Só de lembrar como Breath of the Wild depois de meia horinha te arremessa NO MUNDO INTEIRO LINDO já me faz querer rejogar essa coisa linda.


Bom, o jogo tem 60 horas. E a parte chata mencionada deve levar 3. 


Você gasta 40 em cada joguete, toma vergonha na cara e investe um pouco no que é bom 😂

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is the fourth Zelda to reach No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

It may well have surpassed sales of the original




Nintendo's latest remaster, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, was the best-selling boxed game in the UK last week, GfK data reveals.


It's only the fourth time a Zelda game has claimed No.1, following Link's Awakening on Switch in 2019, Wind Waker on GameCube in 2003 and Ocarina of Time on N64 in 1998 (when it was Christmas No.1).


Skyward Sword HD sold slightly better at launch than the Link's Awakening remake from 2019 (sales are 1.3% higher). Link's Awakening launched alongside the Switch Lite and during a typically stronger month for game sales (September). On the other side, the UK install base for Switch has increased exponentially since 2019.


The HD version of Skyward Sword sold 9% fewer boxed copies at launch than the original managed way back in November 2011 (when it charted at No.7). Of course, digital sales are not included in these charts and as the Wii version was not available as a download, it's likely that this new version actually sold better at launch than the original.


It's worth noting that although Skyward Sword arrived on Wii when its install was at eight million (significantly higher than where the Switch is currently), it was coming towards the end of its life (Wii U arrived a year later) and at a time when Wii sales were in rapid decline.


Having to settle for No.2 on the starting grid is F1 2021. It's quite a slow launch for Codemasters' new racing game, with boxed launch sales down almost 30% compared with last year's game. 34% of sales were of the Xbox version, the PS4 edition accounts for another 34%, and the remaining 32% was on PS5.


Elsewhere, last week's No.1 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart drops to No.10 after an 80% sales drop week-on-week. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin tumbles ten places to No.13 after a 68% sales decline in its second week.


Here is the GfK Top Ten for the week ending July 17, 2021:


Last Week                  This Week                  Title


New Entry                  1                                   The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

New Entry                  2                                   F1 2021

2                                  3                                   FIFA 21

5                                  4                                   Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

6                                  5                                   Animal Crossing: New Horizons

7                                  6                                   Minecraft (Switch)

11                                7                                   Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

9                                  8                                   Grand Theft Auto 5

4                                  9                                   Mario Golf: Super Rush

1                                  10                                 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart



5 jogos de NS na lista...inclusive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Precisam criminalizar a produção desse jogo ou a Nintendo não vai mais parar de vender essa porra e criar um novo. :lolmor:


O choro e livre!

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Já estava vendendo pouco essa porra mesmo.... Fica vendo só agora pegando pesado no mercado chinês.  

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Nintendo's Sakamoto on bringing Metroid Dread back from the dead

Finishing a 35-year story arc, and what may come next.




Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct saw it reward patient fans with the long-awaited return of franchises like WarioWare and Advance Wars, and (after much teasing) eventually show more Breath of the Wild 2. But perhaps its most astonishing announcement was of Metroid Dread - a project even the most patient Metroid fans gave up on over a decade ago.


Initially described as "Metroid 5", Metroid Dread was a surprise so good it trolled Metroid fans twice. No, this wasn't Metroid Prime 4. And no, really, this was going to be the game fans had written off as vapourware. It was a brilliant rug pull, and all the better for Dread being just a few months from launch.


But how similar is the Metroid Dread you'll play in October to the concept canned more than a decade ago? And why is it coming back to life now? This week I attended a roundtable interview over Zoom with Yoshio Sakamoto, Nintendo's 2D Metroid custodian, to find out more about the long-lost project, and how it serves as a conclusion to the story arc he has spent 35 years developing.


When Sakamoto is asked what has changed to enable development on Metroid Dread now, as opposed to back initially in 2005, his first answers are expected ones: graphical power, hardware capability. A follow-up to Metroid Fusion, Dread was originally planned for the Nintendo DS. Of course, things have changed a bit since then. 


But what also becomes clear is the role Madrid-based MercurySteam have also had in giving 2D Metroid a future. After catching the industry's attention with its Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series, MercurySteam formed a successful partnership with Nintendo to remake Metroid 2. The resulting project, 2017's Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS, was well-received. After that, it became a question of what to do next.


"Samus Returns went really well," Sakamoto said, "and meanwhile there was this long-standing project... which I've been wanting to make come true for a long time. Once I'd confirmed the excellent collaboration we had with MercurySteam, I felt we'd finally found the ideal partner to make my long-standing project come true."




It is rare for cancelled Nintendo prototypes - and there are a lot - to become public knowledge, but due to a mixture of leaks, official statements, and a cheeky Easter egg in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Metroid Dread project has lingered on in the public consciousness, long after its initial 2005 version was cancelled. (This is, I suspect, why the project's final title has returned to that original name after so long.) A second attempt to get the game made in 2008 reached playable prototype stage, shown around internally at Nintendo, then progressed no further. But the concept also clearly stuck in Sakamoto's consciousness - and now he had a proven development partner to make it reality.


"15 years ago when I originally conceived of the game, the story itself wasn't clearly set," Sakamoto recalled. "It was basically driven, or kept alive, by the concept. It's fairly recent we finalised the detailed story, so you can imagine what I had envisioned 15 years ago is not the same as what has been achieved now.


"It consisted of Samus facing a dreadful opponent, a dreadful experience," Sakamoto continued, when asked specifically about his original concept. "At that time I hadn't developed in detail the storyline within the overall chronology and background of the series. [On beginning work with MercurySteam] we further developed in detail the story... The final product surpasses what I originally envisioned."


One surprising element announced about Metroid Dread is it will mark the end of the storyline for Samus and her connection to the parasitic Metroids. This is why the game was originally described as "Metroid 5", as it will follow Metroid, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion and cap off the series' narrative begun 35 years back. (For those wondering, the Metroid Prime subseries exists in its own bubble between the first two games.)


Dread "marks the conclusion of this story arc, and we've come up with a fitting ending to wrap the whole [thing] up," Sakamoto teases. Certainly, gameplay shown already during E3's Nintendo Treehouse Live includes various links to Metroid Fusion, such as Samus' computer Adam, and a mention that the X Parasite from that game was not eradicated. (For those not up on their Metroid lore, Dread will begin with a prologue for newcomers and a recap of the series' story to date, Sakamoto revealed.)


As to the story of Dread itself, well, we still know very little. It takes place on a new planet, ZDR, which has Chozo ruins and handy power-ups. It is also now home to the EMMI robots, originally sent by the Galactic Federation to investigate the X Parasite's return. These have, for reasons unknown, now turned against Samus, and act as Tyrant-esque roaming bosses that relentlessly pursue Samus through certain sections of the game. (They are not, Sakamoto stressed, present throughout, however. Exploration and traditional boss fights also remain a focus.)


But if this is the conclusion to Metroid's main story arc, where will the 2D series go next? Is this it for the Metroids? Is this it for Samus? Calm yourself, Metroid fans. This seems unlikely. "[It's the] conclusion to one story arc," Sakamoto said. "What I can say upfront is that Samus' adventure will continue. How will it continue? Well, first things first, I believe that if and when you clear Dread, you will have a clear idea. Beyond that, we will continue to work hard so we can meet expectations and keep surprising you guys with exciting gameplay experiences."


On a more personal note, after 35 years of this Metroid arc, Sakamoto said he was looking forward to "new ideas". "In regard to my plans," he said, "I hope to take on new challenges and really feel a sense of relief in having achieved this much."


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Quem estiver com drift e quiser tentar um paliativo desse "novo procedimento" de colocar o papel ou pedaço de cartão atrás parece dar certo em alguns casos. Mas como já foi dito, não adianta muito quando o carbono das trilhas resistivas já foi muito desgastado. Esses pedaços de espuma de pvc já vinham em alguns Joy Cons faz um bom tempo e não é nada novo que a Nintendo também está usando só agora para resolver o problema.  




Eu já abri um par daquela versão especial de Animal Crossing que também já possuía as tirinhas de espuma de pvc. Podem usar no lugar também aquelas folhas de EVA de 0.7 ou 1 mm que vendem em papelarias. Eu particularmente recomendo a troca do conjunto inteiro se a pessoa tiver segurança em desmontar os Joycons (...coisa que não é muito difícil) : 


10 pçs/lote original novo 3d analógico para joycon



Uma adição de uma publicação "centralizada em Nintendo" para quem quiser se informar mais sobre o caso:


The "Foam Pads" In The Zelda Joy-Con Controllers Aren't New

Update: YouTuber chimes in




Earlier this month, we ran a story about someone who had supposedly come up with a solution for Joy-Con drift. In case you missed it, the fix requires you to insert a small square of paper or cardboard into the same spot as the analog stick locations in order to reapply pressure to the case of the controller. It's that simple, and so far seems to be working.


Now, a Nintendo Switch user by the name of @Mario_RPG_Fan on Twitter has opened up their brand new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD controller (yes, someone actually did that) and discovered two foam strips around the analog section of the case...


While it seems like this could potentially be an exciting fix, since it 'blew up' online many other Switch fans have now highlighted how similar strips have also been spotted on much older Joy-Con. YouTuber Spawn Wave shared his own yellow Joy-Cons from a few years ago, alongside the new Legend of Zelda ones.


Fellow YouTuber Erica Griffin responded to this, noting how it's apparently been a "good while" since these "foam pads" have been in the Joy-Con, but they won't necessarily resolve the drift issues:


"I first saw them on my neon purple and orange joy-con, Oct 2019. I reshell these things all the time. It has the pads and still drifts a bit. *shrug* Silly fix for a multifaceted issue."


While these foam pads may have slightly improved Joy-Con controllers, it seems they're not necessarily the official fix everyone is hoping for...


Infelizmente não há como a Nintendo resolver esse problema sem alguma grande alteração no design dos Joy Con, para assim poder acomodar modelos de analógicos melhores. E também infelizmente (para nos, claro), a essa altura do campeonato é mais fácil e barato (lucrativo) para ela lidar com as reclamações e com o processo pelo problema.    


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SSHD é bem melhor que o original. Jogar sem controle de movimento não é o ideal mas funciona muito bem. Graficamente envelheceu muito bem e os 60 FPS estão bem estáveis.


O preço no Brasil é triste mesmo, mas esse é um jogo que vale um SRP maior, diferente de Kirby, Yoshi, Mario Tennis, Golf, Party e essa linha infantil de minigames da Nintendo. 

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Construction has started on Nintendo’s Donkey Kong theme park world





Construction appears to have started on Super Nintendo World Japan’s Donkey Kong expansion.


Despite being heavily reported on over several years, Universal Studios Japan’s DK-themed world still hasn’t been officially announced.


However, as pictured by social media users, construction cranes now loom large over Super Nintendo World’s Osaka environment, and aerial shots reveal that a jungle-themed backdrop has even been plastered alongside the construction area.


Some shots taken in July even suggest that part of the DK world’s structure has already been assembled, likely for a minecart-themed rollercoaster ride.



Super Nintendo World finally opened to the public in March, following months of delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


While Universal is yet to officially announced a Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World, information alluding to the potential plans have circulated as far back as 2019.


Images showing a concept model for Super Nintendo World first suggested the park was planning to add a Donkey Kong area. The images showed a new world themed on the more modern Retro Studios Donkey Kong Country games, including a mine cart rollercoaster ride.


As reported in VGC’s Super Nintendo World review, Super Nintendo World features a locked door hidden towards the north of the park with a very DK-esque design.




Adding even further weight to the DK plans is the discovery of Donkey Kong-related assets that were datamined from the Universal Studios Japan mobile app in December 2020.


The assets include various collectables from the Donkey Kong Country series, as well as the titular apes themselves. The images match the visual style of Super Nintendo World’s Stamps, suggesting that similar Achievements-style challenges will be added to the future expansion.


Following the Japan opening, Super Nintendo World is scheduled to come to Universal’s Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks.


Florida’s version of Super Nintendo World has reportedly been delayed until 2025, while construction has resumed on the Hollywood version, which is said to be smaller in scale than the others and will likely open sooner.





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O que importa é que os relatórios fiscais mostram que ela está enchendo o cu de dinheiro mesmo sem esses lançamentos...


Infelizmente, como eu havia comentado lá no tópico sobre Horizon 2, empresa sozinha no mercado e nadando de braçada faz o quer. Não é necessário lançar jogos para competir com lançamento de frigobar, rosquinhas e malas tematizadas.


Eu nem queria o novo Zelda e Metroid Prime 4 esse ano mesmo.... 🤣


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Havia postado algo sobre lá no Notas e Vendas, mas aqui está um resumo:



O NS já vai para seus 90 milhões de consoles vendidos, quase metade dos usuários possuem Mario Kart 8 DX e Animal Crossing :lolmor:. Alguém aqui em pleno juízo acredita que a Nintendo vai lançar Mario Kart 9 nesse passo?  :lolmor: 


Dedicated Video Games Sales Units


Top Selling Titles Selles Units


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Chapas to querendo pegar SS de novo, AKA melhores dungeons ever kkkk, mas rapaz. Tá caro ein. 350 qnd acha. @Beto Paz & Amor desculpa a folga mas aquele esquema de piratear ta valido ainda? Conhece ngm q eu pago e faz isso pra mim n? Kkkk

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Rapaz, minha filha ganhou de aniverário o gift card do Pokemon Sword, sofri que nem um condenado ontem para baixar. Fui baixar, conferi e tinha espaço no cartão de memória sobrando 1 giga ainda mais ou menos. Deixei em sleep e quando voltei tinha dado um erro nos 80% e não baixou e tinha que recomeçar. E aí começou os problemas. Fica sujeira na memória e não tem como limpar, mesmo deletando o jogo que foi tentado baixar. Faltava uns 4 gigas para baixar de novo. Apaguei um jogo da memória e fui de novo. Baixou mas ficou um aviso que podia ter dados corrompidos e que tinha que ser feito uma checagem. A porra da checagem demorou 1 hora e meia quase. E aí falou que tinha dados corrompido mesmo, tinha que baixar denovo. E aí ficou sujeira de novo, não tinha espaço. Apaguei mais coisa e fui, de novo erro, e eu puto já.


Tudo isso com a filha aloprando que queria jogar, o jogo do Palmeiras começando, nossa bicho. No fim tive que formatar o cartão, nem fiz backup. Pelo que vi os dados de saves ficam na memória do aparelho né, pelo menos entrando em save data pareciam estar todos lá na memória. Aí formatando deu certo, mas já era 23:30 e a filhota foi dormir sem jogar. 


Aliás alguém sabe o motivo desses gift card custarem 250 nas lojas físicas, e o mesmo jogo mesmo custar 300 na eshop. Porra imagino que as lojas ganham algo na venda, como que pode na loja online oficial ser mais caro, qual a lógica disso.

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Agora, simiano disse:

Aliás alguém sabe o motivo desses gift card custarem 250 nas lojas físicas, e o mesmo jogo mesmo custar 300 na eshop. Porra imagino que as lojas ganham algo na venda, como que pode na loja online oficial ser mais caro, qual a lógica disso.


Preço antigo, chapa. Os prints novos vão custar os 300 da eshop. Por exemplo, o Switch online aumentou pra 100 reais há poucos meses, mas você ainda encontra vários cards pelo preço antigo de 74,25, como na Nuuvem.

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Interessante. Vixi aqui na minha cidade então vai durar muito, tem uma porrada de cards, cidade pequena.

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Novo trailer:



AUGUST 20, 2021







Welcome to the Metroid™ Dread Report! This series will introduce the newest information on the Metroid Dread game and the world of the Metroid series, along with behind-the-scenes glimpses from the game’s development team.


Samus Aran, the galaxy’s most powerful bounty hunter, is a consummate professional who has completed many missions believed to be impossible. In this edition, let’s take a closer look at the abilities and arsenal that Samus has within arm’s reach.






Samus lost her family as a young child after a devastating attack by the Space Pirates. The Chozo took young Samus under their wing and raised her on planet Zebes. She received a DNA transplant from this bird-like species that altered her physiology and allowed her to adapt to this harsh new environment.


Before striking out on her own, Samus was once enlisted in and trained by the Galactic Federation Army.


The true identity of the face under her helmet remains shrouded in mystery across the galaxy.




Samus is a true professional who takes a quiet and calm approach to her work. Because of this, you might think that she’s a cold-hearted person—but you’d be mistaken. In actuality, Samus is a woman with a very kind heart, as evidenced by her show of mercy to a Metroid hatchling while on a mission to eradicate the enigmatic species. Perhaps the hatchling sensed a nurturing nature within Samus when it imprinted on her.




Samus’ right arm is completely integrated with her powerful and iconic Arm Cannon, which can fire two types of weapon: rapid-fire beam attacks and powerful missiles. Because the Arm Cannon is so deeply integrated, Samus can toggle between weapon classes at will.


In the Metroid Dread game, you can attack from nearly any angle while running, jumping, or holding on to certain walls and ledges.



Nintendo já devia ter tomado vergonha na cara e soltado todos os metroids 2D anteriores para o NS nos emuladores dos outros sistemas que ela certamente já tem prontos, assim como do GameCube e Wii que está usando agora. Assim ajudaria a situar melhor os novos jogadores na serie e impulsionar mais as vendas de Metroid Dread, apesar da expectativa para o jogo estar boa pelas pre vendas.  


A trilogia de Metroid Prime deve aparecer pouco antes do lançamento do Prime 4...espero. 


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Época linda de Deus! Como era bom juntar os amigos em casa no final de semana com aqueles cartuchos surrados de locadora, todos encardidos e com umas quatro camadas de adesivos e lacres velhos rompidos (fora aqueles carimbados como boi a ferro quente com o nome da locadora :lolmor:), e jogar o dia todo. 


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