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11 horas atrás, Marcelo Roffer disse:


Knights in the Nightmare Remaster announced for Switch, iOS, and Android

Due out in 2021 in Japan.




Sting has announced Knights in the Nightmare Remaster for Switch, iOS, and Android. It will launch in 2021 in Japan.


The strategy shoot ’em up RPG first launched for DS in September 2008, followed by PlayStation Portable in April 2010. Both versions were released by Atlus in the west.


Here is an overview of the PlayStation Portable version, via the back of its packaging:




Somewhere between heaven and the underworld, a mysterious Wisp is re-awakening the souls of the dead to confront the evil that took their lives and kingdom. Control this spirit and command fallen knights in this captivating story of loss and redemption.


Key Features


- Experience the dark events that decimated a kingdom from three different perspectives.


- Complex tactics plus frantic bullet hell action on the PlayStation Portable system.


- A PlayStation Portable-exclusive chapter lets you experience the story of Princess Yggdra.


Trailer da versão DS do jogo para quem tiver curiosidade:



Porra faltou uma melhora gráfica 

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15 horas atrás, Beck disse:

Porra faltou uma melhora gráfica 


Deve ter sim Beck. Não acredito que será um simples port da versão PSP (versão menos antiga :lolmor:) ou de DS (lançamento original).

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We Could Have Had A New "Ultra-Realistic" F-Zero On Switch, But Nintendo Turned It Down

"It was just really fun..."




The Nintendo community often finds itself reminiscing over franchises that seem doomed to never return, and while the likes of Pokémon Snap, 2D Metroid, 3D Metroid, Famicom Detective Club and more have actually made grand returns, one series that remains on the sidelines is F-Zero.


The last F-Zero game, F-Zero Climax, launched 16 years ago now and was exclusive to Japan; Europe and North America received F-Zero: GP Legend in 2004, with the last main series release to arrive in the west being 2003's F-Zero GX. It's hardly surprising that fans of the franchise are getting pretty desperate for something new.


As it turns out, there are developers out there who'd love to make a new F-Zero for Switch and ideas have been passed on to Nintendo – unfortunately unsuccessfully. In conversation with GameXplain, Vitei's Giles Goddard – who Nintendo fans will know as developer on Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, 1080° Snowboarding, and Super Mario 64's stretchy Mario face (yes really), has revealed that his team pitched an "ultra-realistic" F-Zero to Nintendo:


"At Vitei, after I'd left Nintendo and started my own company, it was after Steel Diver and Sub Wars, we were trying to think of stuff to do and I thought it would be really cool to have an ultra-realistic F-Zero, still with sort of really cool futuristic graphics, but just really realistic physics – we thought that'd be a really interesting thing to try out.


"So we made a demo for the Switch and PC. It was also more to show the capability of our engine – we had a multiplatform engine that was running on 3DS, Switch, PC, whatever – so we just made a demo of some really cool F-Zero cars going around this crazy track... Just hundreds of the cars using AI to race each other.


"But they'd all have realistic physics, like, really ultra, a bit too over-the-top realistic, so the hovering was actually caused by four jets in the bottom sort of adjusting themselves... Way too over the top. But it meant that if you killed one of the jets it would end up sinking, and if you killed the other one it'd flip over and all this kind of stuff. And it was just really fun – it was like a sandbox type thing just playing around and seeing what would happen if you caused a crash there and whatever."


When asked whether or not Nintendo ultimately turned the idea down, Goddard delivered the bad news:


"Yeah, Nintendo are very wary about using old IP because it's such a huge thing for them to do. It's much easier to go with a new idea, a new IP, than to reuse an old one.


"We were stuck in a catch-22 working with Nintendo because we'd say to them, 'we wanna do this F-Zero game, can you give us all this money?' And they'd say, 'well you don't have enough people.' And I'd say, 'well if we had the money we could get the people,' you know. So it was forever this ridiculous catch-22 with them wanting us to make a game, us pitching a game, and then them saying you don't have enough people."


In the same interview, Goddard also revealed that he'd be interested in making a new Star Fox without the "gimmicks". You can watch the entire thing here:


Nem consigo imaginar quem deve ter sido um dos principais cabeças responsáveis por cortar um novo F-Zero e um Star Fox sem gimmicks....




Será que um novo F-Zero com novo visual, 60 fps cravados, novas pistas e personagens/veículos, melhorias na jogabilidade sem ser preciso reinventar a roda e um Star Fox tradicional sem gimmicks que Miyamoto inventou de enfiar em Star Fox Zero teriam feito sucesso? Acredito que sim mas, pelo visto não veremos isso acontecer enquanto o cara que tentou de toda maneira retirar de Zelda BoTW muitos dos elementos que o tornaram um sucesso estrondoso ( embora eu ainda também queira as dungeons tradicionais de volta junto do open world coisa e talz...) continuar em algum cargo importante na Nintendo. 


Já disse isso varias vezes antes, mas está na hora de afastarem Miyamoto completamente de lá. E para quem estiver na duvida se ele foi (ou ainda é) um dos responsáveis por não termos um novo F-Zero, procure a entrevistas que eu também já postei por aqui onde ele comenta por que a "Nintendo" (ele) não dão sinal verde para que seja feito um novo. Lastimável! 


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Criei um grupo para os fãs genuínos da Nintendo na Players. Se vc se encaixa nas regras, será bem vindo. 

- Falar mal da BigN
- Desrespeitar os membros do canal
- Sony, PC e M$


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Nintendo denies knowledge of any forced labour at the factories it uses





Nintendo has denied any knowledge of forced labour at the factories that manufacture its products, amid reports that some of the world’s biggest brands are “possibly unknowingly” involved in human rights abuses.


The BBC reported last year – citing research by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute – that thousands of Muslims from China’s Uyghur minority group were working under forced labour conditions at factories that supply some of the world’s biggest brands, including Western tech companies such as Apple and Dell.


The Washington Post reported on one factory in particular, which allegedly makes products for Nike.


It’s claimed that many Chinese factories have sourced Uyghur workers from “re-education camps” as recently as 2019, within which detainees are allegedly subjected to political indoctrination, forced to renounce their religion and culture and, in some instances, reportedly subjected to torture.


During a Q&A at its General Meeting of Shareholders held this week, a shareholder asked Nintendo’s board members what their views were on reported human rights issues in China, pointing out that the company had previously collaborated with major apparel companies that were known to have problems in that area.


Furukawa confirmed that the factories mentioned in the reports were part of Nintendo’s supply chain, and claimed it had investigated the allegations.


“We are aware that there was a report that Uyghurs may have been forced to work in the factories of our supply chain,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa replied.


“However, as far as we have investigated the factory pointed out in the report, we could not find any record that it is our business partner, nor have we received any reports of forced labour in our supply chain.


“In order to ensure that forced labour does not occur in our supply chain, we have established a CSR procurement policy and we ask our suppliers to comply with our activities based on the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines.


“We conduct our business under the policy that if there is any actual or serious risk of forced labour, not only for Uyghurs, we will stop doing business with them.


“As a global company, we will continue to work with our production partners to implement ethical policies regarding manufacturing, labour and sourcing, and to ensure high quality mass production. In addition to apparel products, we are also committed to the same policies that we have just described for our suppliers.”


According to the ASPI’s research, 82 foreign and Chinese companies potentially directly or indirectly benefit from the use of Uyghur workers including Google, Microsoft, LG, Nintendo, Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and more.


ASPI notes that “a small number of brands” advised they instructed their vendors to terminate their relationships with these suppliers in 2020.



Jason Scrying chega a salivar. :lolmor:


Infelizmente não é novidade nenhuma esse tipo de situação em fabricas na China, mas a maioria troca a "mascara de conscientização e empatia" quando o assunto é boicotar as empresas (praticamente todas principalmente na área de eletrônicos...) que acabam fazendo parte direta ou indiretamente dessa cadeia de produção e que produzem os "goodies" que consomem e ostentam, principalmente membros da mídia especializada. O bom e velho "quero ver as empresas sendo responsabilizadas, quero mudanças mas, não quero fazer parte delas..." 


" Sou contra e desaprovo tudo issae, mas não vou deixar de comprar produtos mais recentes da "Apple" ( a mais notoriamente envolvida nesse tipo de assunto a mais de uma década e novamente lembrada nesse artigo..) nem de ter um par de tênis da "Nike" (...outra velha conhecida quando se trata desse tipo de assunto) para cada dia da semana."


Ainda estou no aguardo de artigos realmente corajosos acusando a Nintendo de "crunch" em seus estúdios com base em "alegações" de "fontes anônimas". Quero ver quem vai ser o primeiro a levar um processo no meio do rabo por calunia e difamação achando que anonimato da fonte vai colar com os advogados da Nintendo. Só de lembrar que recentemente os caras que vazaram informações de "Pokemão" penduraram uma conta de mais de 300 mil Bidens eu já dou risada :lolmor: 


Como dizem por ai com a Nintendo não se brinca, ela adora levar as coisas até as ultimas consequências e pegar algum infeliz para usar de exemplo. 


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Nintendo says it’s still considering possible future Mini consoles





Nintendo is still considering whether to continue its series of Mini consoles.


During a Q&A at its General Meeting of Shareholders held on Tuesday, which it has published in Japanese, a shareholder suggested that the Nintendo Classic Mini series could be a new way for parents who no longer play games to come into contact with Nintendo IP again.


Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa replied: “We always want our products to be played by people of all ages, from children to adults. In fact, after being in the video game business for many years, we believe that there is now a very wide range of generations who have adopted Nintendo consoles.


“We will continue to examine the possibility of offering classic content, such as with the NES and Super NES Classic Mini series, as well as our online services, as a way of communicating the appeal of our products to different generations.”


Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition – known in Europe as the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES and in Japan as the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer – in November 2016, where it quickly sold out before being discontinued in April 2017.


Due to continued demand, it was then relaunched for another six months in June 2018.


NES Mini contained 30 built-in NES games, including the Super Mario Bros trilogy, Zelda and Zelda II, Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure and Final Fantasy.


It followed this up with the SNES Classic Edition – known in Europe and Japan as the Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES and Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom respectively – which featured 21 built-in SNES games, including the first ever official release of Star Fox 2.


In 2019, Nintendo’s president said the company was considering extending its Nintendo Switch Online library beyond the currently offered NES games to other legacy platforms.


“At this place we cannot tell new information about future classic hardware among others, but we are thinking about providing an extension of the online service which is currently providing Famicom [NES] software, as well as other methods of providing them,” he said.


“We also recognise that there are opinions wanting to play past titles.”



Pode vir que tá valendo! Só não vá fazer 1/2 dúzia de consoles para colocar no mercado e ajudar scalper a encher o cu de dinheiro.


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Nintendo’s president on latest Switch Pro reports: ‘We’re constantly developing hardware’





Nintendo’s president has declined to comment on the latest round of ‘Switch Pro’ reports.


An alleged new hardware model in development at Nintendo has been reported on by the business press for much of the past year. Most recently, it was claimed that Nintendo is set to release an upgraded Switch later this year.


Asked about the reports during a shareholder Q&A this month, which it has published in Japanese, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa declined to comment.


“The Company will continue to focus on creating unique games, and in order to achieve this, we will continue to propose games using a dedicated game console with integrated hardware and software,” he said.


“We are constantly developing hardware, software, and dedicated peripherals, but we will refrain from commenting on specific products under development.”




Nintendo’s Americas boss issued a similar statement regarding new Switch hardware last month, telling The Washington Post: “We are always looking at technology and how technology can enhance gameplay experiences.”


Last month Bloomberg claimed that redesigned Switch hardware will retail for over $299, replace the existing flagship model, and release “in September or October”.


The publication also claimed the new Switch could be announced ahead of last month’s digital E3 show, but no such news arrived.


The upcoming Switch hardware update – dubbed ‘Switch Pro’ by analysts – will reportedly feature Nvidia’s DLSS technology and an improved screen.


According to another recent Bloomberg report, Switch Pro will include a new 7-inch Samsung OLED screen, as opposed to the 6.2-inch and 5.5-inch LCD screens of the current standard model and the Switch Lite respectively.



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Aqui uma transcrição (tudo em japonês :lolmor:) do que rolou na reunião de investidores da Nintendo, o que foi perguntado e as respostas do pessoal da Nintendo:


. The announcement of Splatoon 3 was good, and I was relieved that Switch could still be played next year . There was news of the new Switch , and there was no announcement at E3 , and the stock price dropped significantly. Is there anything I can do when rumors come out? Will there be a new Switch in fact ?


- We publish information at the right time. I will refrain from talking about the new model. However, we will continue to pursue play in the future, so we will announce it when the time comes.


Super Rough Report on Nintendo Shareholders' Meeting


Ele sempre foi evasivo antes e nunca mencionou nada sobre novo modelo de nenhuma maneira. Ele sempre vem com alguma resposta preparada envolvendo R&D de tecnologias e bla bla bla. Tem gente dizendo que é erro de tradução do Google e que não é "the new model" mas sim "a new model" :lolmor:. Mas ainda assim é muito diferente do que foi publicado pelo artigo da VGC que postei acima. E também tem mais devs comentando sobre o "misterioso caso do novo hardware", dessa vez é pessoal da Larian:


Switch Pro Needs “More Power” Or It Becomes Another 3DS, Said Baldur’s Gate 3’s Larian To Nintendo  


“We have no idea what Nintendo is up to, and if we did, we couldn’t say it either, said Larian Studios  but, when Nintendo asked us for feedback as developers, we told them very clearly: either they bring out hardware with more power and memory or the Switch will become a new 3DS totally removed from the real world.”


“times are changing and they will have no choice but to adapt and get something in line with what has been rumored.”


Editado por Marcelo Roffer

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18 horas atrás, Phalk disse:

Esses caras aí de Baldur's Gate, além de irrelevantes adoram falar merda.


Soltaram só 3 dos melhores rpgs da geração.


E errado ele não esta não. 2021 com 4gb de ram equivalente +- a DDR 3 divididos entre sistema, jogo e VIDEO. É muito pouco.




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Pelo visto o Switch Pro era balela. Anunciaram uma nova versão com tela OLED, mas sem melhoria nas specs.




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Em 21/03/2021 em 17:34, Lockhart disse:

Switch Pro não vai chegar perto de PS4/Xone base (caso realmente seja um modelo "Pro" e não Switch 2).

Incrível como em todo lançamento de hardware da Nintendo a galera punheteira de specs adora se iludir.


Filosofia Nintendo há 15 anos, nenhuma surpresa. Mas as pessoas bateram tanto nessa tecla, que depois disso eu realmente cheguei a pensar que o "Pro" era real.


Mas acredito que os rumores do chip novo com DLSS não devem ser 100% falsos, com certeza a Nintendo já está pensando num Switch 2 e deve segurá-lo um pouco até o Switch original começar a perder força.

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as palavras que eu mais vejo no twitter são BARE MINIMUM :lolmor: (they did the bare minimum)


internet a cabo, nao tinha isso antes? 

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40 minutos atrás, Seth Angel disse:



as palavras que eu mais vejo no twitter são BARE MINIMUM :lolmor: (they did the bare minimum)


internet a cabo, nao tinha isso antes? 

também fiquei surpreso quanto a isso.

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O Switch normal é só wireless. Você precisa comprar um adaptador para internet com cabo.

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Por fim, tirando o "upgrade" das specs todo o resto acabou sendo verdade, da tela Oled a conexão física para banda larga e principalmente o novo dock ( descontinuação do dock antigo na Europa e outros países reportado ainda no ano passado) com stand mais largo parecido com Microsoft Surface (informação vazada de fabricas da China). Esse modelo provavelmente vai tomar o lugar do antigo em pouco tempo como a queda dos estoques já indicavam quando o Matt Piscatella postou sobre. 


Nintendo bem que podia ter usado a cor do Snes nesse novo modelo. Será que tem alguma revisão no projeto que permite sploit com clip de papel :lolmor: Vou ficar de olho...









Editado por Marcelo Roffer

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Nintendo confirmou que o novo aparelho também possui maior armazenamento interno. Agora são 64GB...já estava na hora.




Size 4 inches high, 9.5 inches long, and 0.55 inches deep (with Joy-Con attached)

Weight Approximately .71 lbs (Approximately .93 lbs with Joy-Con controllers attached)

Screen Multi-touch capacitive touch screen / 7.0 inch OLED screen / 1280×720

CPU/GPU NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor

Storage 64 GB

Wireless Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant) / Bluetooth 4.1

Video output Up to 1080p via HDMI in TV mode. Up to 720p via built-in screen in Tabletop mode and Handheld modes

Audio output Compatible with 5.1ch Linear PCM output. Output via HDMI connector in TV mode

Speakers Stereo

Buttons Power button / Volume button

USB connector  USB Type-C. Used for charging or for connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock.

Headphone/mic jack 3.5mm 4-pole stereo (CTIA standard)

Game card slot Nintendo Switch game cards

microSD card slot Compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC memory cards

Sensor Accelerometer, gyroscope, and brightness sensor

Operating environment 41-95 degrees F / 20-80% humidity

Internal battery Lithium-ion battery / 4310mAh

Battery life Approximately 4.5 – 9 hours

Charging time Approximately 3 hours



Nova caixa e vai ter o preto também:




Se restava alguma duvida que o modelo antigo já era agora não deve haver mais...


Editado por Marcelo Roffer

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