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[3DS] Bravely Default: For the Sequel

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Trailer da localização:


Sobre o jogo:


Lembrando os RPGs clássicos da época de ouro da Square, Bravely Default está finalmente vindo para cá pela Nintendo.


Estou hypando essa merda há meses porque ele parece ser tudo o que Final Fantasy já foi um dia.


Airships, invocações, World Map, músicas, inocência, história, batalhas como antigamente, enfim, parece ser um autêntico FF, com outro nome.


O jogo sai no começo de 2014.


Algumas fotinhas:


















Um preview:


Bravely Default Flying Fairy: The RPG Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for
If it were known by any other name, it'd smell just as sweet...
Square Enix seem to be running an in-house competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculously titled game. Front-runners include Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Dissidia [duodecim] 012: Final Fantasy. But both are outstripped by forthcoming RPG Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Say what?
However, to judge this game by its cumbersome title would be foolish. Y'see, Bravely Default was most definitely the hidden gem of this year's Tokyo Game Show, thanks to its curious AR-led demo. Pointing the 3DS's camera at a nearby AR card caused a pretty lady to pop up on the screen and deliver a pleading speech, before the ground cracked open and swallowed her up. Oh dear.
The girl in question is in fact the titular Flying Fairy, who stars as one of four lead characters who are destined to become Warriors of Light. Hey, Final Fantasy fans - does this sound familiar? That will be because Bravely Default: Flying Fairy used to be the sequel to 2010 RPG Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.
Confused? According to Square, Bravely Default's gameplay is more akin to the traditional RPG stylings of retro Final Fantasies, and the devs have felt it necessary to change the title to an original name in order to separate it from the faster, flashier FFs of modern day. Fair enough.
Despite this, it's evident that Bravely Default is strongly linked to The 4 Heroes, mostly because of its distinctive, gorgeous, hand-drawn art style. It really is a thing of beauty. This comes courtesy of the game's art director, Akihiko Yoshida, who's also penned Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story and, surprise surprise, The 4 Heroes.
The game itself features random encounters and turn-based battles, powered by a classic job system reminiscent of FFV. It's not yet been revealed how the AR tech shown at TGS will be implemented, but we certainly hope it will be an innovation rather than a shiny gimmick. Either way, Bravely Default is shaping up to be the RPG that many nostalgic Final Fantasy fans are pining for.
Preview da Gamespot:
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Does A Better Job At Being Final Fantasy Than Current FFs
We check out the first few hours of this not-very-subtle nod to Final Fantasy's golden years.
It's apparent from the few hours poured onto Bravely Default that the Flying Fairy subtitle isn't fooling wary gamers. The recent JRPG with the rather silly name is the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light in tone, spirit, and gameplay mechanic. And believe us when we say that it's a sight for sore eyes, especially when creator Square Enix is bending over backward to make its mothership RPG series relevant again.
Players control four heroes who are on a quest to purify the game world's elemental crystals, while also shaking off an elite group called the Eternian Air Force Jobmasters. The heroes you control aren't blank slates in the personality department. You've got the straight man do-gooder, Tiz; the amnesiac casanova, Ringabell, the demure Wind Crystal keeper, Agnes; and tomboy, Edea. While not the most original of all typecasts, they're still endearing to listen to and watch as they play off each other during the main story quest.
Then again, BD:FF's story isn't the main draw. To get the leg up in turn-based combat, players can switch each party member's classes at any time--except during combat. These classes, or jobs as the game calls them, range from melee specializations like the Knight and Monk, to ranged and magic-using roles such as the Summoner and Time Mage. Abilities you learn from one particular class can be used on a different class as long as you fill up the required job points from the previous class.
In essence, the game takes the best portions of the job class system from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy V, and has amped it up further so that there's plenty of room for customization. For example, you can use a White Mage's self auto-healing ability (you recover from ailments after a fight) while you're using a pirate class.
The list of combinations go on: you can use a ninja's dual-wielding ability on a Dark Knight, making them even more dangerous up-close, or even take a Summoner's mana point-siphoning ability on a magic swordsman class where the majority of your attacks take up a lot of mana. To say that you'll be taking a few hours building up the perfect party of four is underselling its simple-yet-complex nature.
The other feature that sets this one apart from its predecessors is the Brave and Default modes. Players can choose to either use up Brave points to take extra turns performing actions, or go into default mode to defend and gain more Brave points. If you just start off using Brave points until your character's points drop to the negatives, you'll be inactive and vulnerable as your enemies receive extra turns in a row; they'll most likely use it to punish you or buff themselves up tenfold.
The trick to the combat here is to save up as many points as possible so that you can unleash the most damage within a single span before your opponent can react. Conversely, you can just go all-out and spend Brave points until you're in the negative zone, if you think you can take down your encounters in one fell swoop.
We had to learn this through the very first major battle against a rogue White Mage and Monk. As the former can heal both herself, and the monk pretty quick, we had no choice but to play defensively until we unleashed hell upon them with enough Brave points. The system introduces a risk/reward system for players: they can either play it safe and defensively or throw caution in the wind and hope for the best with an all-out assault. We suspect that future boss battles will require us to exploit the system if they have abilities that can wipe out a party with just two attacks.
Just like any 3DS game, BD:FF uses the Streetpass functions of the system it's on; specifically for the "friend summon" system and the Nolende village-rebuilding minigame. For the former, getting Streetpass data from friends and strangers allow you to summon their avatars for a special attack not unlike FF VII's Cloud summoning a giant fat yellow bird to kill his foes.
As for the minigame, players can use Streetpass to recruit people to help rebuild Tiz's village that was totally wrecked from the events of the game's intro. The big incentive for players to invest time in this is that they can buy items and weapons not found anywhere else in the game, provided that the village population is huge. So if you want an uber-weapon for your ninjas and hunters, or if you want to customize a party member's deathblow move (the game's limit break that's weapon-dependant), you'll want to start mingling with civilization and collecting Streetpass data.
BD:FF is not only a throwback to the old days of Final Fantasy, but it also keeps up with the times by adding in nuances from modern game design. These include the options to skip cutscenes, as well as fast-forwarding battle actions. During our playthrough, we got fair challenges, though the game showed that ample party preparation (items, job setups) is key in taking down the multitude of dungeons in the main story mode.
While there is currently no official word from Square Enix on having it localized for the Western market, we feel that it would be a missed opportunity if it wasn't on the company's mind to do so. We strongly feel that BD: FF could be the RPG to bring the company back to good graces with former fans who may be feeling betrayed by the recent changes its Final Fantasy brand has been through.


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Cara, se o jogo for ruim o Rodrigo vai ter a maior decepção que já vi em um fórum, eu só consigo hypar com segurança se for uma equipe de produção conhecida fazendo exatamente o mesmo estilo dos jogos anteriores.

O estúdio desse é o mesmo de 3D dot Heroes, ouvi falar.



Mas óbvio que pegarei day 1 também  :pepsi:



Dei uma olhada na wiki:


Developer: Silicon Studios - 3D Dot Heroes e social games, geralmente ajuda com mão de obra e engine pra outras empresas

Diretor: Kensuke Nakahara - Brave Story: New Traveler (Vejo um certo padrão no nome, hmm)

Produtor: Tomoya Asano (Produtor de 4 Heroes of Light, Final Fantasy 3/4 remake, Fullmetal Alchemist e trabalhou no Robot Alchemic Drive e Grandia Xtreme não sei como o que)

Escritor: Naotaka Hayashi (5pb - Produtora e publisher de Visual Novels como Stein;Gates)


Tanto a desenvolvedora quanto o diretor que são os mais importantes não tem muito currículo público, nem nunca joguei o 3D e Brave Story, haha, então tem que ir na fé 

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Gostei muito dos remakes de FF 3 e 4 no DS. Irei jogar esse ai com certeza. Mas Outubro vai ser o mês da Capcom pra mim. PW5, RERE e talvez SF4 (Link X mandou eu não pegar). Possivelmente pegue Castlevania no lugar.

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"Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Does A Better Job At Being Final Fantasy Than Current FFs"



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Nem fala, chapa Gigahero, hahaha. Mas eu tenho reais esperanças de que pode vir um RPG Old School total aí por tudo o que tenho lido, acho muito difícil não curtir o game. Vamos ver, expectativa tá lá em cima mesmo, acho que foi o jogo com maior hype que já tive na vida toda.

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Acabei de ver o trailer em inglês.


Oooook, embarquei o hype train, pqp, Airship, 4 cristais, cenário lindo, parece ter história (Como só divulgavam os cenários e classes achei que ia ser mais quest-based).


Encucado até agora porque a Square não tacou o "Final Fantasy" no título (Vai ver pra não sujar o jogo lol)


Preciso de mais jogos assim, Squuaaaaare, why? :regcry:

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Contando os anos pra ver Bravely Default 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Default Children, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 11 Online, 12, 12 Default Wings, 13, 13-2, 13-3, 14 Online, 15...

Eventuais mudanças de plataforma também...

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Bom, deixei passar o primeiro, como esse é um Director's Cut com várias melhorias e mudanças no enredo, vou pegar este mesmo.

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A dublagem em ingles ficou pessima mesmo, abafada... Mas isso nao diminui o jogo, na minha opiniao. Jogaria ate sem vozes, como os FF classicos sao.

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Bravely Default vai ter item por DLC Pay-To-Win, aqui tem um resumo da entrevista da Famitsu sobre o mecanismo:


Additionally, one of the major new features that will be in the game is the Bravely Second, which allows one to pause time in the middle of battles, by using SP, and attack their opponents.


SP will accumulate while your 3DS is in sleep mode, which will give you one SP point every eight hours. While you can collect two to three SP a day, you’ll also be able to purchase SP Drinks from the Nintendo eShop, that immediately gives you three SP points.



“Bravely Second isn’t a de-merit, but a system that gives players an advantage. It’s convenient, and very powerful,” emphasizes Asano. “With that said, since it requires putting the Nintendo 3DS in sleep-mode to accumulate SP, players will most likely only be able to use it twice or three times a day. I expect people to use it after asking themselves ‘should I use that trump card?’”




After providing a brief explanation on how to accumulate SP, Famitsu asks Asano his reason for adding the SP Drink for Bravely Default: For the Sequel. SP drinks, which can be purchased as DLC, will allow you to replenish your SP without putting your 3DS to sleep.


“There’s a chance that all the players could end up disliking it, so we really put a lot of thought into this one,” says Asano. “With that in mind, the reason we decided to go through with the plan is because of our wish to have as many people possible beat the game. Some players might want to continue with the story but might not be able to beat the boss no matter how hard they try, and eventually give up on the game, which is the last thing we’d want.”


Finally, Famitsu asks if he could share an estimate on how much the SP Drinks will cost in the 3DS eShop.


“We’re actually still in the brainstorming stage for that,” says Asano. “If it’s too cheap, then players will get to use it as much as they want, and that would ruin the balance. I think it’d be good to have a price that stays true to the value of a special trump card.”



Porque nos dias de hoje o único modo de fazer um jogo single player mais fácil de modo justo e opcional é por DLC pago, infelizmente, né Fire Emblem, SMT IV, Super Robot Wars OE, Gundam Breaker, JoJo, Bravely Default  :opalol:

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31/10/2013 - 15h09


Nas mãos da Nintendo, "Bravely Default" chegará ao 3DS no início de 2014




Muito aguardado por fãs do gênero, o RPG de 3DS "Bravely Default"chegará às lojas americanas no primeiro trimestre de 2014.


A revelação foi feita pela Nintendo, que distribuirá o jogo da Square Enix no Ocidente, por meio de seu mais recente relatório financeiro. Anteriormente, a data provisória afirmava apenas que o game chegaria às lojas em algum momento do ano que vem.


Lançado originalmente em outubro de 2012 no Japão, o game receberá uma versão atualizada em seu país de origem, que carregará o subtítulo "For the Sequel". A versão ocidental do RPG será baseada nesta, que, de acordo com seus produtores, apresenta "mais de 100 melhorias" em relação à original.


Aventura nos moldes clássicos


Uma espécie de sequência espiritual para "Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light", com uma estética semelhante à do RPG de DS,"Bravely Default" tem como alguns de seus destaques um sistema de 'jobs' parecido com o de "Final Fantasy V" e múltiplos encerramentos para a trama.


Exclusivo para o 3DS, o game já tem uma sequência em desenvolvimento. Até o momento, porém, ela não foi anunciada oficialmente.

Editado por Rodrigo

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